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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sweet Heart

There are times when I think about the honey I have and all the things he does for me that normally he just would rather choose not to do. LOL Like helping me to re-arrange my best friend's living room! While I realize it is not Valentine's Day, it's what came to my mind when I thought of his kind deed today.

Supplies Used
Tube of choice: I’m using a tube that was included in the kit.
Font: Strawberry Limeade (here)
"Sweet Heart" by Lacarolita Designs (here)
Vix’s Freebie Mask Oct 11, No 1 (here
Let's Begin!
Open a new canvas of 900x900. Save your design as “Sweet Heart”.
Open paper 8 and apply your mask. Add to your blank canvas and rename mask.
Open heart frame 2, re-size 55%, add to your canvas and free rotate 8 degrees to the left. Rename layer frame.
Open paper 4. Using your magic wand, click inside your frame and Select ions > Modify > by 7 > add paper > invert > hit delete > Select None. Move to under your frame. Rename layer paper.
Open Sweetheart polar bear and re-size by 50%. Move into desired position within the frame, move below the frame (rename bear 1), duplicate and then move second layer above your frame (rename bear 2).
Remove all of the legs from the first layer (below frame) but only the left leg on the second layer after drop shadow (above frame).
Open hearts 1, mirror, re-size by 50% and add to the left hand side of the frame. (this must be between the frame layer and the second bear layer) Position and erase the small heat of it is hidden by the bear. (mine was partially) Rename this layer hearts.

Open “I love you” basket and re-size by 30%. Add to the left or your polar bear. Rename layer bucket.
Open red balloon and re-size by 60%. Add above your frame and below your bear on the right hand side. Rename layer balloon.
Open present 1 and re-size by 20%. Add above your bucket layer and rename bucket.
Open sweetheart bunting 2 and re-size by 50%. Add above your frame layer, free rotate by 5 degrees left and place into position.
Add drop shadow to your layers and Crop to your liking. Add your name and copyright
Before Animation Shop:
Return to your balloon layer and Select All > Float > Defloat > duplicate layer twice > DSB Flux (39/49/59 on mix) > Select None.

Now you have three different layers with three different levels of noise. Up next, Animation Shop.
Animation Shop:
Open your animation shop.

In PSP, highlight your top layer. Hide your last two balloon layers and copy merged. Paste this as a new Animation in Animation Shop.
Go back to PSP and hide your first balloon layer. Unhide your second balloon layer and copy merged.
In Animation Shop, left click once on your last image, and paste your new image after the one present.
Here's a view so you'll understand:

Go back to PSP and hide your second balloon layer. Unhide your final balloon layer and copy merged.
In Animation Shop, left click once on your last image, and paste your new image after the one present.
Now you have three images present.
In your upper toolbar, go to File and then scan down to “Optimization Wizard”.  A box pops up. Click “Next” on the first box.
Click the Customize button on the second box and use the settings below:

Click ok when done. It takes you back to the first box. Make sure to tick the box that says “Use these settings when saving unoptimized files”. This allows your program to use the settings always. (You only have to set this once.)

Click next and your frame will start the process.

Click Next, Next, Finish for the next boxes. Save your tag.
Want to see if it worked before uploading to find out? This is so easy to do.

Make sure your first frame layer in Animation is highlighted.
Left click once to bring up the box below and click “View Animation”.

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