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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Green Christmas

Supplies Used

Tube of choice is from Anna Liwanag, called “Miss Reindeer,” which I purchased at PTE. You can get this tube here. Do not use without a valid license.

Font of Choice: I used Recorda Script by Måns Grebäck, Which you can get it here--and Bell MT for my license tag.

Mask: Mask 0311 is by Trese, which you can find here.

Animation by Jus Graphix, which you can find here.

Scrap Kits: (PTU) “Green Christmas” by Addictive Pleasures, which you can get here.

Plugins used

Eye Candy Nature Snow drift

Lokas 3D Shadow

FYI: I save after each layer is added AND I rename my layers as I go. In this way, I never lose a section due to loss of electric/computer memory and I know where I am if I do.

Let’s begin!

Open a new canvas 800x800. Open paper 10, apply your mask and add to your canvas.

Open frame, re-size by 85% and add above your mask. Duplicate, re-size the second by 80% and move to the right. Move it under the first frame, use your erase to remove the frame at the left side and then merge the layers. Your frame will now look like this:
Open paper 11 and re-size by 80%. Grab your magic wand and, while holding shift, click inside both sides of the frame. Selection > Modify > Expand by 15 > add paper > Move into position > invert > delete > select none.  Move under your frames.

Duplicate your frame and open your Snow drift plugin. Here are my settings:
Add your drop shadow to your lower frames and then merge both layers together.

Open tree2, re-size by 50% and add below the frame on the left hand side. Move into position and drop shadow.

Open present re-size by 50%. Move into position in the right hand side window and drop shadow. Erase the rest of the present.

Open your tube, upsize by 125% and then re-size by 90%. Add to the center of your frame.
Open tinsel, re-size by 70% and position near the bottom of your frame, near the bottom of your tube.

I used my deform tool to warp it the way I wanted it to look and then drop shadowed it with a PSP shadow this time.

Open bells4 and re-size by 70% and position so it looks like her elbow is cradled between the two holly leaves above.

Open bells, re-size by 70% and add above bells4. Drop shadow and merge down.

Open mistletoe and re-size by 60%. Add to the right side, under your bells layer, and the duplicate, flip and move into position. Merge these two layers together.

Open beads2, re-size by 80%, add below your mistletoe layer and drop shadow.

Open bell and re-size by 40%. Add one layer below your antler of your tube, duplicate and move above your tube. Drop shadow the top layer and use your eraser to remove some of the string near the antler.

Crop, add your name, re-size and then add your copyright.

NOTE: I added my name in Pain.Net, as well as my outline, and then sharpened in PSP. This font doesn’t really outline well with Gradient Glow.

Before Animation!

Open your animation and Edit > Select All > Animation > Resize > By Percentage > 90.

Let’s Animate!

This is huge so be patient!

Hide all of your layers—except the bottom three (background, mask and frame paper).

Copy the layers merged and then add in AS3.

Add in AS3 ten times. Then Edit > Select all > Copy and add until you have 60 layers. Add five more after that, for a total of 65 frames.

Now, click on the first frame and Edit > Select All > right click > copy.

While on the first frame: Edit > Select All > Right click > into frame. You may have to move upward to see the animation. When you do, position it to your liking.

NOTE: I did this twice—once in the left frame paper and once in the right.

Again, while on the first frame: Edit > Select All > Right click > Copy then return to PSP, right click and “paste as a new image”.

Once added in PSP, you’ll see it in layers called “frames”. This is normal. I usually rename each of them with each frame number (1-65 here) so that I know where I am when I go back to AS3.

Hide all layers the top three plus the bottom one.

While on the top layer, copy these layers merged and add in AS3.

Working up in your layers box, hide all in order and add – in order – in AS3. Do this until all 65 layers in AS3.

click on the first frame of your design and hit shift >z. This will bring up your Optimization wizard. Apply your settings.

Save to Photobucket and enjoy!

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