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Friday, December 27, 2013

Wildflowers in Bloom

Supplies Used

Tubes of choice are from Dominic Marco, which was purchased while CILM was open. He still sells some tubes here and grants the use of old images with his new license. Please use similar tubes if you don’t have these.

Alpha: Baking Paper Alpha by Akizo, which you can find here, and Bell MT for my license tag. Google to find a suitable replacement for your alpha, if you don't have any.

Scrap Kits: (FTU) "Wildflowers" by Crescent Moon Designs, which you can find here.

Mask: “Mask 43” by Gem’s Graphics, which you can find here.

Plugins used

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Lokas 3D Shadow

FYI: I save after each layer is added AND I rename my layers as I go. In this way, I never lose a section due to loss of electric/computer memory and I know where I am if I do.

Let's Begin!

Create a new canvas 800x800. Open frame1, re-size by 25% then add to your canvas.

Open paper 2 and re-size by 10%. Add your mask and then add it to your canvas, under your frame layer. Duplicate, mirror, and then pull down to make it slightly uneven on the right hand side. Merge the two layers together. Duplicate and merge again.

Open paper 5 and re-size by 25%. Grab your magic wand and, while holding shift, click inside of each frame. Selections > Modify > by 5 > add your paper > invert > delete > select none. Move below your frame layer.

Open flower 1 and re-size by 30%. Add above your frame layer and move into position. Duplicate and move one layer below the frame layer (flower2 layer). On flower1 layer (above frame) lightly drop shadow and slowly erase the drop shadow from the bottom of the flower.

Open leaf1 and re-size by 13%. Add this below your flower1 layer, mirror and position.

Add your three tubes below the frame layer. Use the drop shadow you want and then merge them all together.

Open the bird, re-size by 13% and add somewhere on the leaf.

Open the button and re-size by 20%. Add above your frame layer and move to the left side. Drop shadow, duplicate and then mirror. Merge both layers together.

Open the bow, re-size by 15%, and add above your buttons layer. Drop shadow, duplicate and mirror to the other button. Merge the two layers together.

Open the sun, re-size by 3o% and add it above your mask layer. Add a wide, light drop shadow, duplicate, flip, mirror and then position at the right hand bottom of your frame. Merge the two layers together.


Adding the alpha is easy. Simply go through the layer listing and find the letters for your name. Make sure you choose the “LC” for every letter but the first, which you’ll look for “UC”. Add each letter to your canvas above all layers.

Arrange your letters in order, trying to stay as even as you can. I first re-sized my letters by 40% (the G) and 35% for the others. Once in order, merge all layers together and re-size by 80%.

Go to Adjust > Sharpness > Un-sharpen Mask and use the following settings:  Radius: 2.00 / Strength: 50% / Clipping: 5 and hit ok.

Add Eye Candy Gradient glow in your choice of colour and then Drop shadow to your liking.

Crop your image to remove most of the white. Re-size, if needed, and then add name and your copyright.


  1. Hi Luv, Adorable Tutorial, Thanks for sharing, here is a link to the Baking Paper Alpha by Akizo http://www.4shared.com/zip/kteyzaoZ/file.html Just thought you would like the link. Enjoy, Hugs, Beryl

  2. Beryl, thank you so much! I have updated my post to reflect the location of her wonderful alpha.