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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Holidays

Supplies Used

Tube of choice is from Keith Garvey, called “Christmas 2012”, which you can find here. I received this one when MPT was open.

Font of Choice: I used Strawberry Limeade. Which you can get it here--and Bell MT for my license tag.

Scrap Kits: (FTU) “Happy Holidays” by Pink Paradox Productions, which I received as a fan favourite here.

Mask: mask 191 by Insatiable Dreams, which you can find here. Scan down to mask set 6 and click on the image for your download.

Plugins used

Eye Candy 5: Nature - Fire

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Lokas 3D Shadow

FYI: I save after each layer is added AND I rename my layers as I go. In this way, I never lose a section due to loss of electric/computer memory and I know where I am if I do.

Let’s begin!

Open element 5 (fireplace) and re-size by 65%. Add to your canvas.

Open paper 18 and apply your mask. Add below your fireplace. Once added, I re-sized by 80%, mirrored, flipped, duplicated and then flipped, mirrored again before merging the layers.

Open your chosen tube. Mirror your tube, re-size if needed and add to the right side of your fireplace.

Open pink tree, re-size by 60% and add it to your canvas. I moved mine up onto the fireplace itself to give it height.

Open element 36 (bells), re-size by 30% and hang it above the last fireplace your have.

Open element 23 (bottle), re-size by 25% and add above your mantel. Use element 24 with the same re-size and position.

Open element 62 (lights) and re-size by 60%. Add above your bottle layer.

Open element 72 (silver flower), re-size by 30%, add below lights layer and position.

Open element 31 (black present), re-size by 30% and add to your canvas, near your tree.

Open element 33 (pink present), mirror, re-size by 30% and move into position near black present.

Open element 32 (silver present), mirror, re-size by 30% and add atop the pink present.

Crop, re-size and add your name and copyright before AS3.

Bevel Settings:

Let’s Animate!

Duplicate your fireplace three times for a total of 4 layers. (I always like to keep one extra layer in case I mess up!)

Highlight your fireplace 1 and, using your freehand tool; slowly go around the fire in the fireplace.

Using the following settings on your plugin, (Use Small Gas Log under settings) highlight the first layer and add the settings. Do not “select none” just yet!

 Highlight each fireplace layer and apply the same settings to each of the layers, only hit random each time. Now Selections > Select none. You fire is in the right location for each layer!

Hide layers 2&3 and then highlight the top layer of your designs. Copy merged and then add image to AS3.

Go back to PSP and hide layers 1&3 but open 3. Do the same in AS3 as above, but after your last image input.

Go back to PSP and hide layers 1&2 but open 3. Do the same in AS3 as above, but after your last image input.

Once you have all of your images in AS3, do Edit > Select All > File > Optimization Wizard and add your settings.

Save, upload to Photobucket and you’re done!

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