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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sweet Lil' Christmas

Supplies Used

Tube of choice is from Sweet Poison’s Poser World, called “Santa’s Secrets”, which you can find here.

Font of Choice: I used Shalimar Swash. Which you can get it here--and Bell MT for my license tag.

Scrap Kits: (FTU) “Sweet Lil Christmas” by Bastel Galaxy, which you can get here. Use MediaFire, though—4share deleted the file.

Mask: mask 84 by Wee Scots Lass, which you can find here. Scan down the right hand side and click on the right link for your download.

Plugins used

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

DSB Flux Noise

Lokas 3D Shadow

FYI: I save after each layer is added AND I rename my layers as I go. In this way, I never lose a section due to loss of electric/computer memory and I know where I am if I do.

Let’s begin!

Open p06_bg_lsc and add your mask. Merge the group; add a layer above this, flood fill white and move below your mask. Duplicate mask and merge layers together.

Open frame01_bg_lsc, upsize by 125% and then re-size by 90%.

Open Santa’s Secrets Tube 7, re-size by 65% and position your tube as shown. Duplicate, hide upper layer, slowly erase lower layer and then drop shadow top layer. Use your eraser again to eliminate what you don’t want in the top layer.

Open tree02_bg_lsc and add between your Tube2 layer and your frame layer. Move into position.

Open mouse_bg_lsc and re-size by 85% and add to the hand of your tube.

Open candle03_bg_lsc and add to the right hand side of your frame.
Open present02_bg_lsc and add above your tree layer. Do not re-size.

Open present01_bg_lsc, re-size by 80% and add near your last present layer.

Open bow05_bg_lsc and re-size by 80%. Add above your present 2 layer, drop shadow to your liking and then merge with the present layer.

Open flower05_bg_lsc and add to the bottom.

Add any snowflake that you like. Add a coloured outline (small) to the duplicated layer and then Gaussian blur by 1.

Drop shadow all of your layers EXCEPT the frame and the snowflake.

Crop, add your name and copyright.

In Preparation!

On your snowflake and frame layers, duplicate each until you have four layers of each element.

On the bottom layer of each element, you can drop shadow. On the snowflake, add a coloured outline (small) to the lowest layer, Gaussian blur by 1 and then drop shadow.

On each of the other layers, add DSB Flux Bright Noise. Starting at the lowest layer, start at 25 and work up in increments of 10 with mixed clicked.

Let’s Animate!

Always highlight the TOP layer before adding to AS3. In this way, your copy merged will include all of your layers.

Starting at the first layers of glitter for each element, copy merged and then add to AS3.

Do this for each layer, always making sure that the same glitter layers are selected for each element.

Always make sure you add each layer AFTER the other.

In AS3, click on the first frame of your design and hit shift >z. This will bring up your Optimization wizard. Apply your settings.

Save to Photobucket and enjoy!

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