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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sweet Caroline

 Supplies Used 

“Sweet Pony” by Elias Chatzoudis HERE
“Adios Script Pro” (PTU) here
“Sweet Caroline” by Eva Kipler, HERE
(RIP Eva-died 11/2012)
Mask 1 by Tonya HERE
 Lets’ Begin! 
Open paper 2, resize by 25% and apply your mask. Save in *psd form as “Sweet Caroline”.
Duplicate your mask and merge the two layers together.
Open frame double and resize by 40%. Center this in the middle of your mask layer.
Open your standing tube, resize if needed and add to the left hand side of your frame. I upsized mine by 102% and sharpened by 2.
Open your close up tube, flip horizontal and add below your frame, in the bottom window. Use your eraser to carefully remove the excess. Flip Horizontal again and then repeat with the upper frame window. Merge the two layers together.
Open sequin spill and resize by 35%. Add to the right side of your frame layer. Remove the two sections that fall over your mask layer.
Open flower 3, resize by 45% and add in the middle of the upper frame. Duplicate, flip vertical and then merge these two layers together.
Open flower 4, resize by 50% and add over the flower 3 layer.
Open butterfly and resize by 20%. Add above your sequin layer and position.
Crop your design and resize, if needed.
Add your name and copyright. Save and upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy!

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