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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter Wonderland Dance

Supplies Used

Tube of choice: the beautiful artwork of Barbara Kermis, which you can find HERE.
Font of Choice: I used Whisper by Rob Leuschke, here, and Bell MT for my license tag.
Scrap Kits: (FTU) "Winter Wonderland" by Dhariana Scraps, here.

Mask: “Mask 20” by CakiePotPie Designs, here.
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
Eye Candy 5 Nature: Snow Drift
Eye Candy 5 Impact: Glass
Vanderlee Snowflakes
Lokas 3D Shadow
Let's Begin!

Create a new canvas 800x800. Open the frame, re-size by 40% and add to your canvas.

Open element 7 (blue card), flip and copy. Use your magic wand to click inside of the frame and selections > modify > by 11 > add card > re-size by 33% > invert > delete > select none. Move below your frame layer.

Open paper 2 and add your mask. Re-size by 27% and add below your frame paper layer. Free rotate 90 degrees (either way) and move into position on one side of the frame. Duplicate the mask, flip and mirror, then even up the lines for a smooth transition. Re-size yet again by 95% and re-position.

Open the tube, upsize by 125% and then re-size by 95%. Add above your frame layer and position to your liking. Duplicate three times: 1 goes below your frame; 2 go above it.

*Tube Layer 1: erase any that hangs around the frame. This is simply a precaution.

**Tube layer 2 (nearest the frame): click on frame layer: Selections > Float > Defloat > invert > click on tube layer > delete > select none. Now this one is only around your frame itself.

***Tube layer 3: flip, drop shadow, flip again and use your eraser to eliminate a little of the tube on each side (bottom only).

Open the tree and re-size by 23%. Add to your canvas below your Tube1 layer and position to your liking. Duplicate, move above your frame layer and drop shadow.

Open element 3 (evergreen branch) and re-size by 28%. Add this below, and right of, your tree2 layer and position to your liking. Tight drop shadow, duplicate, mirror and merge the two layers. (Greenery layer)

Open element 12 (lights), re-size by 24%, add above greenery layer, showing the lights YOU want to use. Drop shadow, duplicate, flip and merge the two layers together. Move into position.

Open element 5 (red flower) and re-size by 44%. Add below your Tube1 layer, duplicate, move above your greenery layer, drop shadow and use your eraser to clear about the bit by the mound of snow.

Before adding the snow drift setting below, I first duplicated the tube2 layer, then added the snow drift and then moved that layer above all of my layers. I did not drop shadow this layer.

Grab your magic wand, click inside of your frame and selections > modify > by 11 > add a new layer and apply the Eye Candy 5 Impact > Glass settings (listed below) > select none (when done with settings below).

Use Settings: Clear (tab 1) and button bevel (tab 4). The other settings are listed below:

Leave above the frame but hide for now.

Click inside your frame again and modify it as above. Add a new layer and add the settings below. Do not deselect!!

Add two new layers above snow layer 1 and just random seed the layers each time. Then select none and move your frame above all three layers. Now, un-check your glass layer.

Crop your image to remove most of the white. Re-size, if needed, and then add name and your copyright, Before AS3.

Let’s Animate!

Open your AS3, One at a time, hide your snow layers and add back to back in AS3.

Click on the first frame and Edit > Select All > Animation > Frame Properties > Change to 60.

Again, click on the first frame and shift+z. This will add your optimization settings.

Save and upload to photobucket.

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