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Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Afternoon Tea with Becki" Freebie Kit

It has been some time in the making but I have finally decided to try my hand at a little mini kit just to see what I can do with kit making. It is only a first of many adventures into the kit making world (or so I'd like to think). I hope that the help I will get from feedback and other arenas will help me to make better kits in the future.

So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to the reason behind the kit name. My friend Becki lives in Australia and recently, while chatting with her on Voxer, she talked about putting a pot of tea on to help her relax. LOL I love a good cup of tea myself and I thought, "If I could only be able to sit in and have a good spot of tea with Becki". (I'll bring the biscuits!)  Thus, my mini kit was born!


Misticheskaya Afternoon Tea with Becki

Friday, July 19, 2013

My First Mask

Today, I decided to take a break from my challenges and my designs in order to play around in my Paint.Net with some brushes. It's really not that hard to use brushes in Paint.Net. Most would think it isn't possible but I found a way to do so. And, since I still can't figure out how to use brushes in Corel PSP, Paint.Net seemed the more likely choice for me.

This is what I came up with, in order to form a mask for a tutorial I've been working on:

Just right click the image and save to your computer. I'd love to see what you can make from this. if you use my mask.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blog Trains: Lovely to ride; Hard to figure out?????

Today is such a horrible day for me! My Internet is out and so I can't do one of the few things that I love to do online -- blog train ride! I follow so many and, sometimes, I get a little behind on the stops. Which means, I sometimes lose out on the goodies but I do happen upon them every so often and so I get lucky! LOL With my Internet out, I've decided to go through them and see what kind of goodies I have happened upon these past few days. And this is the source of my rant. I've listed my pet peeves in order.


I read the TOUs. I truly do. I know if you don't want them used for commercial purposes or if you don't want profanity used when using your kits. But PLEASE add them to a folder so your customers/followers do NOT have to seek them out. For me, I have to go through your kits and then create my own folder to store your TOUs in so that I can read them.


Yes, I feel that your TOUs are so lovely as an image. You add cute little elements to make it pop and that's fantastic. I get great ideas by just viewing your creativity. But PLEASE use a word document. When you re-size your image, your words are hard to read and, therefore, I can't figure out exactly what it is that you want me to do. I don't want to be banned from your beautiful works but, if I can't see your TOUs, how do I know if I am doing things right?

Also, I have come across some that do use a proper word document but, for some reason, it is so messed up that I have to carefully edit it so that I know exactly what it says! There are so many characters in the empty spaces that are not needed and it makes it hard to even edit (but I get it!)


Most kit designers will tell you to not change the file names. Which I totally understand. However, if you do not add your name to them, or even a proper file name, I don't know who they belong to or even into which file I should add them. Having a kit named "Blog Train" when I am downloading several blog trains at a time can become annoying. I've had to re-name several files today (add a designers initials) because it simply said "Blog Train" and I didn't know which blog train or which designer. If you do NOT want someone to change your file name, please add a proper one yourself.


I don't know if this has happened to everyone else, but I have had to delete several files because it says that "the file path name is too long" or something similar and so, therefore, gives me nothing of the kit. It seems like a whole lot of work went in to creating that beautiful sampler and then your hard work is wasted all because you created too long file names. Pretty much a head's up to any designer.


There are two blog trains that I follow like the sun follows the moon! STS and SNP--great designers with beautiful creations! I just love them. And, in most of these blog trains, I notice that, if a designer has given you a set time to grab a goody and that time is over, they will either delete the link and leave a little message--"link disabled" or "freebie expired" or even "sorry expired-visit my store here". I love this! When I see these message, I move along, because there's nothing to see here and it gives me time to hunt down other goodies in the train. I may be an avid passenger and spend a lot of my time riding, but my time is still valuable and I need to hit other stops. LOL

But, it's the ones that don't seem to upkeep the timeline or the link for their goodies that gets me. Clicking on a link to only get "Dropbox-404" or "Invalid or Delete File" only grabs my goat and he kicks hard! So PLEASE, if you are done giving out your goody,  disable your link. While I am so grateful for the time you place into such beautiful kits, I am not happy at the time I waste for all those disabled links. Please respect me as well.

I realize that there will be naysayers to my rant. Such as those who may say "Well, if you don't want to find these issues, don't ride the trains".  But I can't help myself! LOL It's like seeing a train wreck happening and yet you can't look away. I want to see what talent they have. I want to know what little elements they'd added to make that freebie pop. I want to see how they showcased the elements int heir preview, especially when I have a creative block. They boost me, enlighten me, help me. So, to stop riding--not in this lifetime. But still, if they want me to respect them as designers, why can't they respect me as a rider? Seems simple enough to me.

How about those who may say "They gave us a freebie form the bottom of their hearts. They didn't have to do this so be grateful and hush up." Believe me, I am not against this line of thinking. I think it's fantastic they gave me a little freebie to showcase the creative kits they make. I have purchased a few myself all because of riding the blog trains. All that I am asking is for them to make it easier on the riders to read their TOUs, know who they are without having to open a preview and scan for a name, and to please give a proper name for their kits so I know exactly where to place it in my scrap files.

I have created one of my own kits (not yet up or completely finished) so I am not asking of them what I haven't done myself. It only takes a few minutes to fix a small problem. I want credit for my kit. I give credit to the CU items I've purchased or a CU freebie to the designers who I have received these fine gifts. To me, it only makes sense that a kit designer would actually want PROPER credit for their kits by doing the above suggestions, right?

Okay, my rant is over for now. LOL I'm stepping down from my soapbox now and hitching a ride to the nearest blog train for some more goodies! Ahh, the joys of culinary sights! I hope you all have a great God blessed day!