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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Black Ice

Supplies Used

Tube of choice: “New Year 2011” by Keith Garvey, which was purchased when PTE was open. You can now find it here. Please do not use without a valid license.
Font of Choice:  Updock, by Rob. You can get it here. I also used Bell MT for my license tag.
Scrap Kits: (FTU) “Black Ice” by Clarez Creationz, which you can get here.
Mask: “Mask 16” by CakiePotPie Designs, which you can get here.

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
Eye Candy 5: Nature: Snow Drift
Alien Skin Xenofex2: Constellation
Lokas 3D Shadow

Let's Begin!

Create a new canvas 700x700. Open frame 2 and add to your canvas.

Open your tube and re-size by 90%. Position on your frame, duplicate, and then move one layer below frame. Hide the top tube and erase the entire bottom of the duplicate tube.

Open paper 20 and re-size by 80%. Grab your magic wand and click inside your frame. Selections > Modify > by 15 > Add paper > invert > delete > Select none. Send to bottom.

Open paper 3 and apply your mask. Add above your white background. Upsize your mask by 135% and then re-size it by 96%.

Open Ice2 and re-size by 60%. Add this above your frame paper and pull upward until you get just the tips of the ice. Erase the entire top.

Open bow 1, re-size by 40% and add on the stem of your glass.

Open flower 4 and apply above your frame layer. Free rotate 28 to the right and then pull upward slightly. Use your deform tool to even up the flowers.

Open the lights and add above your frame layer. Use your eraser tool to edit off some of the string. Move slightly down, as it will show through your tube.

Open the cake, re-size by 55% and add above the lights layer. Mirror, drop shadow and then mirror again.

Return to your frame layer and add these Eye Candy 5: Nature Snow Drift effects (click to enlarge):

Return to your flowers and apply the same snow drift effect before drop shadowing.

Drop shadow your layers, crop and re-size (if needed). When cropping, be mindful of your mask! You don’t want to cut it off. Duplicate the layer, if you can’t see it very well, and then delete the duplicate when completed.

Let’s apply our Constellation, shall we? Return to your frame paper layer and duplicate twice, for a total of three layers.

Apply the following Constellation settings to it, clicking the random seed button once for each layer after layer 1 (click to enlarge).

 Add your name and copyright above all layers. I add a bevel and then another set of constellation to my name. My name has three layers like my frame paper.

Lets’ Animate!

Open Animation Shop 3. Hide all layers of your constellation (on name, too, if you did that) and open frame paper 1. (Open name 1 if you did your name)

Highlight the top layer of your design and copy all layers merged. Add as your first frame in AS3.

Hide frame paper (and name layer) 1 and open 2. Again, add to AS3 but after your last layer.

Do the same thing for layer 3.

Edit > Select All > Shift+z to apply your optimization settings. Save once completed and add to Photobucket to enjoy!

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