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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hello Sunshine

Supplies Used

Tube of choice: “June Toon” by Keith Garvey, which was purchased when PTE was open. You can now find it here. Please do not use without a valid license.
Font of Choice:  “Got that Bling”, which you can get it here. I also used Bell MT for my license tag.
Scrap Kits: (FTU) “Hello Sunshine” by Zoe Pearn, which you can get here. You must create an account in order to download it.
Mask: “Square mask” by Pretty Procrastination, which you can get here.

Animation:  Page 2 “Blue Butterfly (b122)” by Heather’s Animations, which you can find here.
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
Lokas 3D Shadow

Let's Begin!

Before I added my mask to my masks folder, I opened it, inverted the image to white then added a new layer and flood filled it black. I moved it below the white layer, merged the two layers together and then saved as a JPEG.

Create a new canvas 800x800. Open your frame and re-size by 30%. Add to your canvas.

Open paper 1 and apply your mask. Then rotate clockwise. Add to your canvas below your frame layer and re-size by 16%. Move to one side, so that it’s peeking out a bit, and then duplicate, mirror, flip and position to your liking.

Open paper 3 then re-size by 16%. Using your magic wand, click inside of your frame. Selections > Modify > by 20 > add your paper > invert > delete > select none. Move below your frame.

Open your tube, upsize by 125% and add above your frame. Move below your frame and erase the entire bottom of the tube. Duplicate and move about your frame. Drop shadow and erase the bottom of this tube.

Open the banner and re-size by 24%. Add above your frame layer, and free rotate by 9 to the left. Move into position, use your eraser to remove a slight bit of string on each side and then drop shadow.

Open the doily and re-size by 15%. Add this below your banner layer and move to the left hand corner.

Open flower 1 and re-size by 37%. Add above your doily layer.

Open paint and re-size by 23%. Add above your tube 1 layer.

Open hello tag and re-size by 23%. Add above the doily and rename tag 2. Duplicate and move to the top (tag 1). Drop shadow tag 1 and erase the left hand side.

Open confetti and re-size by 45%. Add above your frame layer.

Open leaves and re-size by 25%. Add to your canvas above your doily layer and free rotate by 18 to the left.

Drop shadow your layers, crop and re-size (if needed).

Add your name and copyright information if this is the only tag you’re going to create. If not, wait.

Lets’ Animate!

For one time copy:

Copy merge all of your layers into AS3, four times back to back. Go to the first frame and Edit > Select All > Copy and add to your animation another four times --16 frames in all.

Open your animation and Edit > Select All > Animation > Resize > Percentage of Original > 80 > OK > Edit > Select all > copy.

Go to your first frame of your designed animation and Edit > Select All > Paste > Into Selected Frame >Position to your liking.

Again, clicking on the first frame, Edit > Select All > Animation > Frame Properties > Change to 15 > OK > Edit > Select All > Shift+z to add your optimization settings.

Save then upload to Photobucket and enjoy!

To save for future tags:

Once animation is in place, click the first frame and Edit > Select all > copy.

Go back to PSP and right click on the gray workspace once. Scan up to “Paste as a new image” and click it. It will add every last layer (16 in all) to your workspace as a PSD.

Name and save.

Now, you can add your name and copyright information above all of your animated layers.

I rename all of my layers, in order from bottom to top, depending on how many layers I have. In this way, when you go back to AS3, you won’t get lost!

Once all layers are in AS3, do the same at the end as you would if you were making a one-time tag design.

Save again with your completed information and then upload to photobucket to use!

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