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Friday, January 10, 2014

Dance Like No One is Watching

 Supplies Used 

Tube came with kit
 Things We Said” (word art)
Champignon” (name)
Ballerina Kit by Flavia (here)
Mask 21 by Chaz, which can be found HERE.

 Lets' Begin! 

Create a new canvas 900x900.

Open paper 6 and apply your mask. Add to your canvas and erase all of the excess.

Open your circle frame, upsize by 110% and add above your mask layer.

Open the dancer, resize to 625 height and add above your frame layer.

Open paper 1 and resize by 15%. Add below your frame and erase excess.

Open multi-coloured ribbon, resize by 20% and add above your frame layer.

Open brown paper flower and resize by 20%. Add this to the middle of your ribbon.

Open brown ribbon flower and resize by 15%. Add to the pink side of your ribbon. Do the same for the pink flower.

Drop Shadow layers and crop or resize to your liking now.

Add a new layer over your frame and choose this colour in your colours palette: 9C7E72.

Effects > Text formations > Circle Text > See below for settings and text.

Apply outline, drop shadow and then center align both.

Add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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