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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Peek A Boo

Supplies Used

Tube of choice: Scott Blair’s “Coffin Witch”, which was purchased when PTE was open. Please do not use without a valid license. If you don’t have this tube, please find another suitable tube to use.
Font of Choice:  CF One Two Trees, which you can get it here. I also used Bell MT for my license tag.
Scrap Kits: (FTU) “Spooky Kit” by ScrappyNat, which you can get here.
Mask: “Mask 19” by CakiePotPie Designs, which you can get here.

Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
Animation Shop 3
Lokas 3D Shadow

Let's Begin!

Open a new canvas 800x800. Open the tattered frame and add to your canvas. Re-size by 25%. (frame layer)

Open paper swirly dot and re-size by 17%. Grab your magic wand and, while holding shift, click inside of each frame. Selections > Modify > by 20 > add paper > Invert > Delete > Select none. Move below the frame. (frame ppr layer)

Open paper 5 and re-size by 28%. Apply your mask and add behind your frame paper. (mask layer)

Open the stitching and re-size by 40%. Add above your frame layer, rotate 2 to the right and then use your eraser to remove the bits not see in my tag. (stitches layer)

Open your tube and re-size, if needed. My tube was upsized by 124% and then down by 95% when I re-positioned it. Add above your frame where you’d like it. (tube layer)

Open Polka Dot ribbon, re-size by 22% and add above the frame layer. Free rotate by 4 degrees to the left. (ribbon 2 layer)

Open purple ric rac, re-size by 27% and add above the ribbon 2 layer. (ribbon 1 layer)

NOTE: I applied several drop shadows to ribbon 1 to make it look as it does. Play around and see what you can do. Erase the entire tube 1 layer that shows below the ribbon.

Open purple bow and re-size by 25%. Add above both layer of ribbon and drop shadow. (bow layer)

Crop your tag now to remove most of the white. I always duplicate my mask layer first so I can see it better.  In this way, you won’t cut off your mask layer. Delete it when you’re done cropping.

Add your name at the top. Outline and drop shadow. This is our guide for the monster layers.

Prepare for Animation!

Open lil’ green monster and add above your frame ppr layer, but below your frame layer. Re-size by 20% and move to the right. Move it up until the hands look as if they are touching your name. (Monster 1 Layer)

Duplicate this monster layer twice. Starting with the layers UNDER monster layer 1:

Move monster layer 2 down until it fills half of the frame. Erase the entire tube that sticks out of the bottom of the tag. Make sure this layer is under monster layer 1.

Move monster layer 3 down until it is just peeking over the tube layer. Erase the entire tube at the bottom of the tag. Make sure this layer is under the monster 2 layer.

Drop shadow the monster and re-size (if needed). Make sure ALL monster layers are lined up correctly with each other. It must look like a smooth transition.

Add your name and copyright before we go to Animation Shop!

Let's Animate!

Open Animation Shop 3.

Highlight your top layer. Hide the monster layer and copy merge the layers. Add this in AS3 as your first frame.

Un-hide the monster 1 layer and add as the next frame in AS3. Do the same for the next two monster layers.

Your current order would be: blank frame, monster layer 1, monster layer 2 and then monster layer 3.

Now go in reverse! However, do NOT add another blank layer frame. You already have that one. Once completed, you’ll have a total of six frames.

Go to Edit > Select All > Animation > Frame Properties > Change to 25. Edit > Select All > Shift Z. This will add your saved optimization settings.

Save and add to Photobucket!

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