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Friday, January 31, 2014

Rose Tinged Beauty

 Supplies Used 

Princess 1 by Anna Liwanag (HERE)
Do not use without a valid license.
“Cheddar Jack” by Brittney Murphy Design (here)
“Rose Tinged Shadow” by Yvette (here)
Mask 25 by Vaybs (HERE)

 Lets' Begin! 

Create a new canvas of 700x700 then name and save as a *psd.

Open frame 1 and apply to your canvas.

Open paper 6 and duplicate 3x for 4 layers. Hide then go back to each frame opening and > Magic wand > click inside opening > edit > invert selection > highlight paper layer > delete > move below frame. When all openings are filled and layers below the frame, merge them together.

Open your half body tube and position over the frame. If you’re using the same tube, there is no need to resize. One positioned, duplicate and move one below the frame layer.

Open your choice or lace ribbon but don’t resize. Add above your frame layer and duplicate.

Highlight the frame layer and click the outside with your magic wand. On the lower ribbon layer, hit delete. The upper gets dropped shadowed and then erased around the edges.

Open the button of your choice and rotate clockwise. Resize by 50% and then add near the edge of your ribbon, duplicate and then mirror for the other side.

Open your choice of bunched flowers. Add below your lace ribbon layer and pull to either side. Erase any that hangs around the button and then duplicate to mirror. Merge these two layers together.

Duplicate your flowers again and flip. Pull slightly upward and then merge with the lower layer.

Open your butterfly of choice and then add below your upper tube layer. Pull to the right to position. Duplicate, flip and pull to the lower left. Erase the excess jewel trail. Add a PDN glow of 6 / 10/ 10.

Open paper 4 and apply your mask. Resize to 650 width and add above your white background.

Erase all the shows under the buttons on both sides. Duplicate, flip and then pull to the middle. Merge the layers together. Duplicate again, flip, mirror and then merge to achieve the same look.

Drop Shadow layers, crop or resize to your liking then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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