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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Circus Fun

 Supplies Used 

Tube with Kit 
Willing Race” (name)
Country Fair Blog Train Part by Snack Pack Gu (HERE)
After the Festivities Blog Train Part (HERE)
Miss deviante’s Grunge Mask (HERE)
Sawdust by Me (Below)
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♥ Lets' Begin! 

Open ATF paper 1, resize by 25% and apply mask.  Add a new layer, flood-fill white and send to the bottom. Save design.

Go back to mask layer, duplicate, flip then mirror and merge the two layers together.

Open cart from CF and resize by 12%. Add above your mask layer.

Open ATF girl Resting, resize by 18% and add to the right hand side of your design.

Open ATF popcorn bowl and resize by 8%. Add near your girl layer.

Open CF balloons and resize by 15%. Erase the last two before adding to your canvas.
Undo erase and erase the first and last balloon. Add this above your yellow balloon layer.
Undo erase again, erase the first two balloons, and then add above your red balloon layer. Mirror once added then position.
Open ATF Ribbon, resize by 10% and add above your orange balloon layer.
Open the CF fair sign, resize by 40%. Add above your mask layer and position.
Open the sawdust and add above your mask layer.
Drop Shadow layers, resize to your liking then add your name with copyright.  Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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