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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Supplies Used

Tube of choice: “Amber Eyes” by Barbara Jensen, you can find it here. Please do not use without a valid license.
Font of Choice:  “Carpenter Script”, which you can get it here. I also used Bell MT for my license tag.
Scrap Kits: (FTU) “Steampunk Mania” by Scraps Dimensions, which you can get here.

Elements: Leaves by Elle De Mai, here.
(NOTE: Her blog is no longer up, since this tutorial was posted. I have added the element so that others may access it. I hold NO claim to it!)
Mask: “Mask 84” by Wee Scots Lass, which you can get here. Find the appropriate download on the right hand side for your mask.
Animation Shop 3
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
Eye Candy 5: Impact: Glass
Eye Candy: Impact: Chrome
Lokas 3D Shadow

Let's Begin!

Open paper 1, apply your mask and merge the group together.  Go to Image > Canvas Size > 900x900. Add a new layer over the mask layer, flood fill white and send to the bottom.

Open frame 3 and re-size by 70%. Add above your mask layer and free rotate by 10 to the right.

Open paper 1. Grab your magic wand and click inside your frame. Selections > Modify > by 10 > Add paper > invert > delete > Select none. Move this below the frame layer.

Open your tube and re-size it by 125%. Center it in the middle of your frame.

Open Guts 2 and re-size by 80%. Move to the right side of you tube and send below the tube layer.

Open flower 1 (yellow). Before you add to your canvas, duplicate and use your deform tool to turn it so that it covers most of the open spaces. Drop shadow both layer now and then copy merged.

Add the flower to the left hand side of your frame and re-size by 60% and position to your liking.

Open doodle 2 and re-size by 50%. Drop shadow and free rotate by 10 to the right.  Move below your tube layer.

Duplicate your doodle layer Mirror, and then free rotate 35 to the left. Move this layer to under your guts layer.

Open the lamp and re-size by 75%.  Add this above your frame layer, left side, and position to your liking.

Open feuillage (Leaves) by Elle De Mai. Getting as close you as you can, use your eraser to rid yourself of the stem (form the leaves down).

Mirror the leaves and re-size by 30%. Add below your flower layer and position. Then, duplicate, flip and re-position those leaves. Merge the layers together.

Duplicate the leaves layer and mirror. Use your deform tool to turn it to your liking.

Open word art and re-size by 80%. Add above all layer and position at the base of your tube. Flip before drop shadowing and then flip back into position.

Open the key and add your glass settings. I chose clear with no drop shadow from the settings button. Rotate the key counterclockwise (to standing) and re-size by 50%.

Add this above your word art layer and free rotate by 20 to the left.

Open bow 1 and re-size by 40%. Add above your key layer and free rotate by 15 to the left.

Go back to your mask layer and re-size by 125%. Then re-size again by 97%. Duplicate your mask and merge the layers together.

Add your name below your word art. I used the colour #9b7b00 for the name itself, and then I used the chrome setting “outside, sunny day”. Outline and drop to your liking.
Open the watch and re-size by 80%. Add above your guts 2 layer and position in the open space between your tube and guts.

Crop out the white and re-size, if needed. Add your copyright now, upload to Photobucket and enjoy!


  1. Hello,
    This is a lovely tutorial, but I was wondering, if it would be possible to supply the following:-
    " Elements: Leaves by Elle De Mai "
    The reason that I ask this, is that her blogspot no longer exists and the link does not work.

    1. Hi Beryl! I have updated the post to include a little note about the missing blog. It worked at the time I created this tutorial so I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. I did upload it to another location, with all details included.