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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hopping Spring

Supplies Used

Nouvelle Vague (here)
Choose a background of your choice. 
Template and Fastener (HERE) Animation Shop 3
Eye Candy 4000: Gradient Glow 
Xero Porcelain DSB Flux Bright Noise

Let's Begin!

Open your template.

Re-size your chosen image by 55% and replace your top template piece. My images are 1600 by 1000 so, if yours are smaller or larger, you’ll need to play with it to get your size right.

Depending on the size you’ve used, which depends on how close you want your image to be, you may have some that overlaps the bottom rectangle. Simply use a square eraser to rid yourself of this.

From each of my images, I pulled a soft colour for my smaller square. For the bunny, I used #ff9fae. For the tulips, I chose this colour: #c582f3.

While highlighting your template layer, Select All > Float > Defloat > Add a new layer > flood fill with your colour > Select None.

Now you can delete your template layer totally. Merge your chosen image and its colour box together, just as the original template looked.

Duplicate your image layer and add the following with your Xero Porcelain Settings:

I only used Porcelain on my tulips and not my bunny. It made my bunny too bright but my tulips look nice and soft. 

When adding your gradient glow, use the setting below and chose your own green colour from any of the greenery around the image you’ve chosen.

Open your fastener and add above your layers. Position to where you’d like to see it on your image. Duplicate and mirror.

In mine, I hid all of my layers, so that only the grey squared background remained after I positioned my fasteners where I wanted them. I then used this method to straighten them up to make them even (see below).

Crop your image as close as you can to the template and save again. Resize to your liking now (I did mine at 55%).

Add your chosen name in the colour you wish it to be. Duplicate your name 3x, leaving your original to be outlined and drop shadow.
Add DSB Dub Flux to each layer thereafter, adding 10 degrees as you go (55-65-75) in mixed.
Add your copyright and upload to Photobucket to enjoy!

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