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Monday, March 10, 2014

In The Meadow

Supplies Used

Tube of choice: Felt Snow People Freebie by Beth Berge, which you can find HERE.
Paper of Choice: “Starlight 2” Background by Martinemes, which you can find HERE.
Element: “Christmas ClipArt” by Call Me Victorian, which you can find HERE.
Font of Choice:  Nickelodeon Font (for my name), which you can get HERE. I also used Bell MT for my tag and the PTU A&S Snapper Script for my word art.
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
Eye Candy 5: Snow Drift
Xenofex Constellation

Let's Begin!

Create a Canvas of 700x300.

Open the background and re-size by 40% and add to your canvas.

Open bb_puffy felt snowman 3 and re-size by 25%.  Move it to the corner, rotate it using your deform tool and then sharpen once.

Open ornamental-clipartand re-size by 15%. Add below your snowman and duplicate 4x. Move them into any position you like.

Add a new layer above your snowman and add the snow drift settings below:
Move this new layer to the left and slightly downward. Duplicate, mirror and merge together.

Add your desired text with the desired font. I added a PSP bevel before my gradient glow.

Add your copyright now.

To Animate!

Duplicate the snow drift 3x. On your original layer, flip, drop shadow and flip back into position.

Now duplicate your paper 3x. Add the following Constellation settings below on EACH of the snow drift and paper. Hit Random Seed twice for each layer.
Hide layers 2 & 3 and copy merge the whole bit. Add this to AS3.

Hide layers 1 & 3 and copy merge the whole bit. Add this to AS3.

Hide layers 1 & 2 and copy merge the whole bit. Add this to AS3.

Highlight your first frame and Edit > Select All > Shift + Z to add your optimization settings

Upload to Photobucket and enjoy!

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