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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dirty Mechanic

 Supplies Used 

“Mech Toon” by Keith Garvey, HERE
“Cat Scratch” (PTU) by Fonthead Design, here
“Dirty Mechanic” by true Taggin’ Love, here.
“Mask 20” by Beautifully Blessed Designs, here

 Lets' Begin! 

Open paper 5 and resize to 850x850. Apply your mask, add a layer, flood-fill white and send to the bottom.

Name “Dirty Mechanic” and Save in *psd form.

Open the steel frame, rotate to laying, resize by 80% and add above your mask layer.

Add your tube over the frame layer. It doesn’t have to be resized. Line her leg up with the bottom of the frame. Duplicate and move one below the frame. Erase your legs above the frame so she looks to be crawling out of the frame.

Go back to your mask and use your move tool to stretch out your mask slightly.

Open paper 2 and resize by 50%. Add this below your second tube layer.

Open the gear cluster and resize by 60%. Add to the right on the frame layer under your uppermost tube.

Open the wire mesh and resize by 75%. Pull to the left.

Open the line of washers and nuts, resize by 80% and add below your gear layer. Make the edge even with the edge of the wire mesh and erase what shows behind the second gear wheel.

Open the tires and resize by 80%. Add above your frame layer (to the right).

Open the metal barrel, resize by 45% and add above your tire layer.

Open oil spill 2 and resize by 20%. Add near, and under, the gear cluster. Undo resize and size again by 30% and flip. Add in the opposite corner.

Open brake line connector and resize by 70%. Add over second oil spill.

Drop shadow to all layers. Add your name and copyright information. Enjoy!

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