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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kandy Kisses

 Supplies Used 

“Monica” by Lin, HERE.
“Corinthia” by TypeSETit, here
“Kandy Kisses” by Crafted by Gina, here
“Mask 27” by HorsePlay’s Pasture, here
Template 4, from Millie, HERE

 Lets' Begin! 

Open your template and delete rasters 4 & 7. Name and save as a *psd.

Open paper 6, resize to 650 width, apply your mask and add above your white background. Duplicate, flip and merge the two layers together.

Open your tube, resize by 65% and add above all layers. Sharpen by 3 and then center.

Open leaf 2, add to the left side of your design below the tube. Flip white background and use the rotation below. Duplicate, mirror and then merge both layers together.

Open the cupcake dish, resize by 50% and add above your last leaf 2 layer.

Open cupcake 3, mirror, resize by 75% and add to the right hand side of your design, right below your tube layer.

Open candy 7 and then Layers > import from file > candy 6 > merge the two layers. Resize by 75%, add below your cupcake 3 layer and pull slightly upward.

Pick your flower of choice. Resize by 65%, add above your cupcake 3 layer and position to cover the blue cupcake.

Undo your resize, use 45% this time, and add above your cupcake dish layer to cover the space between the last flower layer and the cupcake dish.

Find raster 3 and replace with paper 5.

Find raster 2 and replace with paper 10.

Find raster 6, pull upward with the left corner nub and then move into position. This si so you can see it slightly better. Replace this layer with paper 2.

Find raster 5 and replace with paper 11.

I went back and moved my mask slightly down, as I felt it was too high behind the layers.

Duplicate EACH template layer and add a white outline of 6/6.

After your outline has been completed, add a PDN noise of 55 – 75 – 100 then merge the two layers together. Now you are back to one template layer each.

Drop shadow all layers, crop or resize to your liking, then add your name, and upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy!

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