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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lighter Side of Red

 Supplies Used 

Cherry Blossom by Barbara Jensen (HERE)
Watermelon” (name)
Gina by Scraps by Jessica (HERE)
Mask 12 by Cakie Pot Pie designs (HERE)

 Let's Begin! 

Open paper 1, upsize to 800 x 800, apply your mask, duplicate to merge and then add a new layer, flood-fill white and send to the bottom.

Open frame 2 and add above your mask layer.

Open paper 20 and add above your frame layer. Duplicate and replace the both frame openings with each paper.

Center align both frame and paper.

Open flower 2 and add below your frame paper layer. Pull up slightly and then duplicate to flip. Do NOT move once flipped.

Open flower 9, resize by 70% and add one on either side of your upper pink flower.

Open flowers 3, resize by 60% and add this to the left side of your design, under the flower 2 layer. Duplicate and flip.
Open ribbon 3, rotate clockwise, and then add this below your frame paper layer.

Open flower 3, resize by 70% and add below the frame paper layer; position to one side then duplicate.

Merge the duplicated flowers together to duplicate again and then flip.

Open satin flowers, resize by the following for each flower and add them under your frame paper. Once added to your liking, drop shadow and then merge into one layer.

Flower 3 – 75% (add to center between flower 3 layer)
Flower 4 – 70%
Flower 2 – 60%

Open the pen and rotate clockwise. Add above all layers and position as shown in the tag. I manually rotated this time.

Add the knotted bow above all layers and position as shown in the tag.

To add the greenery, open foliage 1, flip and then erase the flowers at the end. Keep adding, in different sizes, here and there to your liking. Add a light PDN glow.

Add your tube to your liking. If you’d like, add a light PDN glow to whichever tube you like.

Drop Shadow layers, crop or resize to your liking then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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