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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Awaken Autumn

 Supplies Used 

Poser by Jane, HERE
“Amber Shaie” here
“Awakening” by BLT Dezingz, here
“Mask 353” by Wee Scot Lass,  here.
Mura Meister’s Copies

 Let's Begin! 

Open the paper 7, resize by and apply your mask. Add a new layer, flood-fill white and send to the bottom. Erase excess from sides of canvas and pull in to the middle.

Name your design and save in *psd.

Open your tube and add above the mask layer.

Open branch and resize by 50%. Add above your mask layer and center. Flip white background

Effects > Mura Meister > Copies and use the following settings on your branch. Grab the lower right hand corner nub and slowly push the nub toward the center.

Center the tube over the left hand corner of your now branch frame layer and pull to the corner.

Open bow 2 and resize by 25%. Add to the upper right hand corner of you branch frame layer.

Open flower 8, resize by 10% and add near your upper bow layer.

Open petals, flip and mirror then resize by 7%. Lay is between her leg and the right side of the flower 8 layer.

Open flower 2, resize by 9% and add beneathe the flower 8 layer.

Open the chick, resize by 15% then position it in front of your tube.

Open flower 5, resize by 15% and add above your branch frame in the upper left hand corner.

Crop as close as you can to your mask.

Drop shadow all layers and resize to your liking.  Add your name, copyright and upload to enjoy!

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