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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Finding Neverland

 Supplies Used 

Tube of choice: came with kit.

“Adios Script” by Alejandro Paul, here
“Finding Neverland” by Crafted by Gina, here

“Mask 452” by Vix, here

 Let's Begin! 

Open paper 5, apply your mask then duplicate, flip, mirror and merge your layers. Add a new layer, flood-fill white and send to the bottom. Name and save as a *psd.

Open frame 2, resize by 500 height and add above your mask layer.

Open fairy 3, resize by 95%, mirror and add above your frame layer.

Open ribbon 5, mirror, resize by 80% and add above your frame layer.

Open flower 1, resize by 90% and add above your frame.

Open flower 6, resize by 80%, add above your frame layer and erase the rest of the stem.

Open paper 1, add above your frame layer, grab your magic wand, click inside your frame and then Edit > Invert Selection > highlight paper layer > hit delete. Move below your frame layer.

Open the waterfall, resize by 600 height, and add above your frame layer. Center it, duplicate and send one below the frame.

Drop Shadow all layer, crop or resize to your liking and add your name with copyright.

 To Animate! 

Duplicate the upper waterfall and drop shadow the lower one. Duplicate the upper 3x and add PDN noise of 15 – 35 – 55 on mix.

Hide layers 2 & 3, Copy merged and add to AS3 as a new animation. Go back to PDN and unhide waterfall layer 2 and repeat the process.

Add your optimization settings and upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy!

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