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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Vintage Christmas

 Supplies Used 

“In Bed by Nine” by Barbara Jensen, HERE
“Got That Bling” by Nick Curtis, here.
 “Trim-A-Way” by BLT Designz, here

“Mask 18” by Vix, here

 Let's Begin! 

Open paper 5 and resize to 900x900. Apply your mask; add a layer above, flood-fill white and move below your mask layer. Erase excess from around canvas and Effects > Object > Object Align > Center Both.

Duplicate your mask layer and merge together. Duplicate again, flip, mirror and merge these two layers together as well.

Name your design and save in *psd.

Open frame 2 and resize by 20% and add to your canvas. Flip your white background and Effects > Object > Object Align > Center both.

Open paper 1 and resize by 20%.  Add above your frame layer. Click inside frame with magic wand: Edit > Invert Selection > hit delete on your paper > move below frame.

Open leaves and resize by 20%. Add to the right-hand side of your frame.

Open the gift and resize by 15%. Add to the right of your frame.

Open beads, flip horizontal and resize by 15%. Add above your leaves layer and erase any excess from behind the gift (on the right).

Open Santa and resize by 10%. Add above the gift layer, to the right, and move into position.

Open star deco and resize by 10%, add above your leaves layer then position to your liking.

Open your close up tube and resize by 80% (if using the same tube). Add above your frame layer and position so that some of the frame paper is showing around her body somewhere. (Mine is around the head)

Erase excess that may be hanging from either side of your upper layers. (Mine showed behind the star deco layer some)

Drop shadow all layers and resize to your liking.  Add your name, copyright and upload to enjoy!

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