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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Because of You

 Supplies Used 

Tube by Alex Prihodko, HERE
 “Qaskin” (name) Colour: CA4F67
“Because of you” by Meghan Mullens (HERE)
Mask 1 by Scrapping with Liz (HERE)

 Let's Begin! 

Open the mask. Add a new layer above and flood-fill it black. Send this to the bottom and invert the actual mask layer. Merge the two and resize to 850x850 and save as a JPEG.

Open the paper of your choice, resize by 25% and apply the mask. Hold for later.

Create a canvas 900x900; open the frame, resize by 30% and add to the canvas. Name and save as a *psd.

Duplicate the frame layer, flip and mirror then position as shown below; use your crop tool to cut out the excess of the upper frame in the lower frame.

Open the tube and gather your girl together; do not resize! Add below the frame layer and move upward.

Use your crop tool again on the tube layer to just enclose the frame opening (shown below). Then Edit > Invert Selection > hit delete on the computer. Do the same for the second frame after mirroring the tube.

Now, add your mask above the white background. Duplicate, flip and move into a position that doesn’t show excess dots. Merge together and keep duplicating and flipping until you have your full mask layer. Drop opacity to 185.

Open the ribbon1, resize by 55%, mirror and then add above all layers. Open ribbon2, resize by 25% and add above all layers.

Open the doily, resize by 25% and add above the frame layer.

Open the rolled flower, resize by 18% and add above all layers; position.

Open the yo yo flower, resize by 20% and add above all layers; position. Undo the resize and resize again by 27%. Add above all layers and position.

Open the arrow, rotate to standing, resize by 33% and add below the last yoyo flower. Manually rotate to your liking.

Open the leaf, resize by 25% and add this below the rolled paper flower (label this leaf 1 for later).

Duplicate leaf (label leaf 2 layer) and mirror. Do not move!

Use the rotate below for leaf 1 to position.

Reset your buttons and use the rotation settings below to set the leaf 2 layer.

Re-Position any layer to your liking; Drop Shadow, crop/resize and then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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