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Friday, May 1, 2015

Sweet Strawberry Dreams

In May, my town holds the West Virginia Strawberry Festival. This year, which is now in its’ 74th year. Wow! So, to celebrate, I’ve come up with this lovely, simple tutorial to commemorate the occasion.

 Supplies Used 

“Strawberrylicious” by Ismael Rac (HERE)
“KG Strawberry Limeade” (Name)
“P’tite douceur” from Caro753 (HERE)
Mask Set 6-44 by Brutal Designs (HERE)
Mura Meister Copies

 Let's Begin! 

Create a canvas 1000x1000. Name and save as a *psd.

Open the mask, upsize to 800x800 and save,

Open paper 2, apply the mask and add to the canvas. Erase the excess from around the actual mask layer. Duplicate and merge.

Open the element 28, resize by 26% and add above the mask layer; manually center.

Open paper 12 and resize by 20%. Add below the frame layer and erase the excess.

Open the tube and create to your liking; simply add to the design without resizing.

Position and duplicate the tube; move one to the top. Erase the excess off of the lower tube, drop shadow the top tube and then erase the excess.

Open element 32, resize by 7% and then add above all layers, making sure the element is in the middle of the design. Add the copies setting below and then remove to below the frame paper layer.

Open element 26, resize by 5% and add to the design. Drop shadow, duplicate, move both below the tube layer then position. Undo the original resize, resize again by 7% and add to the design.

Open element 7, resize by 20% and add to the left-hand side of the design.

Open element 2, resize by 15% and add near/above the cupcake layer.

Open element 33, resize by 7& and add above the left side leaves layers.

Open element 18, resize by 7% and add to the design; duplicate, mirror and then position.

Open element 6, resize by 30% and add this below the first flower layer then position. Duplicate the strawberry layer; move to below the doughnut layer and then position.

Drop Shadow layers, crop or resize to your liking then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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