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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dusky Azure

Supplies Used

Tube by CuteToonz (HERE)
“Care of the Earth” by DreamN4Ever (HERE)
“Janda Hide and Seek” (Name)
Mask by Dee Mastrangelo (HERE)
Eye Candy Bevel

Let's Begin!

Create a canvas 900 x 900. Name and save as a *psd.

Open paper 5, re-size by 25% and apply the mask.

Open the oval frame, re-size by 27% and add above the mask layer.

Open flower 2, re-size by 30% and add below the frame paper. Duplicate, mirror and flip.

Open flower 3, re-size by 35% and add above the frame. Duplicate, mirror and move below the frame paper.

Open flower 1, re-size by 20% and add to the middle of the design and remove addition frames; add a light, wide DS and then the copies settings shown below.
Erase the middle flower and then duplicate, mirror and move into positions.

I repeated this procedure with the other flowers as well (at a 20% reduction)

Open the brown leaf and then use the curves settings below to change to green. Re-size by 15% and add in various sections.
I added leaves above the mask layer as well as used the rotation settings as well once I positioned it in the upper right hand corner. Use the rotation below to set.
Open heart, re-size by 30% and add above all layers; position and then use rotation below.
Open the butterfly, re-size by 25% and add above all layers; use the rotation below to set.
Open the tube of choice, re-size by 50% and add above the frame layer. Make alterations for the tube to pop out of frame.

Add any special touches now (if desired), DS each layer (not already DS), and then crop or re-size to your needs. Add the chosen name, copyright and upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.


  1. Really cute! I just read your comment on my blog - Dreamn4ever Designs and I love that you use my kits for your tuts. I want people to make whatever they what with my kits. Thanks for sending me the links so get to see your tuts!

  2. Thanks for using my tube in this ,Beautiful :)