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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pink Pirouette

Supplies Used

Cookie Sugarplum by RedRozu (HERE)
“Porcelain Doll” by Amy (HERE)
“Versitia” (Name)
Mask by Dee Mastrangelo (HERE)
Eye Candy Bevel
Animation Shop 3

Let's Begin!

Create a canvas 900x900. Name and save as a *psd.

Add frame 4 to the canvas, then remove addition frame; effects > object align > centre both.

Open paper 6, up-size to 800x800, apply the mask and add to the canvas.

Add paper of choice to the frame opening then remove excess.

Open tube of choice, re-size by 90% and add to the canvas.

Crop as close as you can to the cookie poser now.

Add the butterfly bottle on the right.

Add the flower 2 below butterfly bottle then duplicate and add above.

Add flower 1 between the two roses above.

Add heart at the top of the frame layer.

Add the shoe under the lower rose layer and use the rotation below to position.

Add any special touches now, if you so desire, and DS all layers.

Add the chosen name and copyright then upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.