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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

Supplies Used

Carli by ZaZa (HERE)
“Lovely Christmas” by Designs by LK (HERE)
Template by Dee’Sign Depot (HERE)
“Esplanade” (Name)
Eye Candy Bevel & Glass

Let's Begin!

Find the Mistletoe template, delete the credits, green strip and small white squares, then rename and save.

Open wreath 3 and add above the white circle layer.

Open the tube of choice and add below all of the word art. Duplicate, move one below the wreath layer and erase excess. This is your lowermost tube layer.

Move the duplicated tube to the top of the green square layer. DS this layer and remove a small part pf the legs that show over the wreath layer. This is your middle tube.

Open the cloud and add it to the bottom of the tube layer. Duplicate, mirror and then fix into a position you like; merge.

Duplicate the tube layer again and move above the cloud layer. DS and then use a wide eraser on 28% to soften the look above them cloud layer ONLY. This is your uppermost tube layer.

Open paper 4, re-size by 60% and replace the green square.

Open frame 1, re-size by 35% and add above the paper layer. Move to one side of “the wall”, DS, duplicate and then mirror (position).

Open paper 10 and replace the red circle, without re-sizing.

Open paper 8 and replace the tan square, without re-sizing.

Add a layer above the oval white layer, flood fill with your colour of choice (mine is 60137E) to replace the oval. Add a noise of your choice (I used one from ICNET) then added the Mezzo Ice settings below.
I also added a glass from Eye Candy Impact, shown below. Duplicate, flip, mirror and then erase the left-hand side of the upper layer. Merge two layers together.
Open the tree, re-size by 65% and place above the frame 1 layer. Remove addition frame, DS and then remove excess.

Open the mistletoe, mirror and re-size by 60%. Add one below on top of the mistletoe layer and then DS; duplicate, flip and mirror to place at the top. Delete the original layers.

Open flower 3, re-size by 45% and add above the upper mistletoe layer. Open flower 4 and do the same. Erase the excess ribbon from the mistletoe. Open the bouquet, re-size by 60% and add below the two flower layers.

Open the snowflake dangler, re-size by 60% and add below the bouquet.

Pick the three Christmas balls that you want and make a small cluster of them on the right side. I did not re-size by first two but my silver one I re-sized by a small fraction.

Duplicate each of these and form one set into a cluster. Move below the snow layer.

Individually DS each of the upper ornaments then merge into a cluster. With an erase set on 27% slowly soften the bottom so it looks like it is sitting in the snow. I duplicated, move, soften and merge several times to achieve the look.

Add any other elements you’d like to now.

For the name, I inverted the colour on the black and picked the following two colours from my design: 9C50B7 (primary) and CE9CE1 (secondary).

I used ICNET Filters on the gradient to “Linear, Duplex” on the bottom and “Linear Duplex inverse” on top. Duplicate the layer then add a glass to each one.

Crop, re-size and add your name and copyright.

Open AS3. Copy merged as your first animated frame. Hide the uppermost layer of WA and then do it again after the last layer.

Apply your optimisation settings and upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.


  1. This is a very nice tag sweetie ;) Have a nice weekend! ZaZa

    1. Thank you! I hope you have a pleasant weekend as well.