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Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Ol' Red, White & Blue

Supplies Used

Sexy Freedom by Ismael Rac (HERE)
“4th of July” by Gimptastic Scraps (HERE)
Template by Dee Mastrangelo (HERE)
“Atelas” (Name)
Eye Candy Bevel
Animation Shop 3

Let's Begin!

Open the template and delete the credits and red stripes. Name and save.

Open the standing tube and add below the word art.

Open the close-up tube and add above the light blue circle; remove excess.

Open paper 1 changes out beige square; paper 8 changes out blue square; paper 7 changes out the brown rectangle (duplicate, mirror, erase left side, merge), paper 6 changes out funky red circle; paper 5 changes out star layer and paper 3 changed out the light blue circle.

Choose this colour, 8B2F32, and then add the bevel below to the paper change; merge the circle and new paper with bevel together.
Huge Blue star layer is changed out with paper 5; white stays the same and red with paper 6.

Open flower 6, re-size by 75% and add it between the circle layer and funky frame layer. Duplicate, mirror and flip then position above the pixel star layer.

Open the brad or tag (your choice) and re-size by 85%; add to the right-hand side of the designs, below the word art.

Open the white bow, re-size by 75% and add above the tag/brad. Duplicate for three layers. Drop shadow the upper and lower tab/brad but not the middle.

On the top tab layer, use the rotation below.
On the bottom tab, use the rotation below.
Crop your design as close as you can. Add your name, re-size to your liking and add your copyright.

Open AS3. Hide all the upper and lower tabs and then copy merged into AS3 as your first frame.

Hide the middle tab and open the right tab; add after the first frame in AS3, then add another middle tab, a left tab layer and then another middle tab.

While the first frame is highlighted, Edit > select all > Animation > Frame Properties > 50.

Apply the optimisation settings and upload to the photo sharing site to enjoy.