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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Picture Frames

Supplies Used

Tube by Barbara Jensen (HERE & HERE)
“Rustic Charm” by Jessica Fors (HERE)
“Another Shabby” (Name)
Mask 166 by Gem (HERE)
Eye Candy Bevel

Let's Begin!

I opened the mask first and up-sized by 800 x 800.

Create a canvas 900 x 900. Open paper 16, re-size by 25 and apply the mask. Re-size the paper by 80% and add under the left-hand frame. Erase the excess and then duplicate, mirror and position. Merge the two layers together.

Open frame 4, re-size by 20% and add to the canvas. Pull left slightly and rotate by 9 degrees.

Duplicate the frame layer, mirror, pull downward to position and then use an eraser to remove excess in the second frame opening. Merge the two together and centre align.

Open paper of choice, re-size by 25% and add below the frame layer then remove excess.

Open the branch, re-size by 35% and add above the mask layer.

Go back to the branch, rotate 90 degrees and then add above the right-hand layer as well. DS both, merge together, duplicate again and mirror then flip; merge all layers together and centre align.

Open Bingo 2 card, re-size by 20% and add above all layer; rotate 9 degrees again.

Open the star scatter, re-size by 20% and then add to the left-hand side of the bingo card, above the leaves layer. DS, duplicate, mirror and then merge these two layers together.

Duplicate the star scatter again then mirror and flip to the position at the top of the design. Merge all the star scatter layers together.

Open flower 1, re-size by 40% and add above the star scatter at the top.

Open gem 2, re-size by 35%, add to the canvas below the scatter layer in four different places.

Open the tag set and crop out “hello”. Re-size by 35% and then add above the bingo card. Rotate -9.00 and the slightly pull to the left.

Open pin 2, re-size by 50% and add above the hello tag layer. Position near the holes (you’ll need 2), rotate as you did the tag and then merge these.

Duplicate the pin layer, move below the tag layer, DS the upper layer and then remove excess.

Add the bolt below the second pin layer.

Open the rickrack 2, rotate clockwise, flip and then re-size by 33%. Add above and below the bolt layer. DS the top layer and erase the excess.

Open rick rack 1, re-size by 25% and then add above the frame layer. Erase a slight amount on the right after addition. Do not expand canvas size when adding.

Open flower 5, re-size by 55%. Add below the gem layer (at the top) then duplicate, mirror, flip, position this layer and then merge the two layers together.

Add button 1 above the flower 1 layer, duplicate and then move one to the bottom.

Add any special touches now, including the tube of choice. Crop/resize and then add your name and copyright. Upload to enjoy.

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