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Friday, July 17, 2015

Snow Penguin Love

Supplies Used

 “Penguin Love” by Heather Z Scraps
“Atelas” (Name)
Mask 5 by Chas (HERE)
Eye Candy Bevel

Let's Begin!

Open patterned paper 5, re-size by 25% and apply the mask. Add a new layer, flood-fill white and send to the bottom; the center mask. Keep this paper open for now.

Open frame 2, re-size by 32% and add to the middle of the canvas.

Return to patterned paper 5 and add to the opening of the frame.

Add a layer of white above the patterned paper layer and remove excess. (This lightens the paper.) Lower opacity of patterned paper to 150 and then merge all layers into one.

Open the sledding penguin. You’ll be re-sizing this by 5-20% during this process so you might want to start now.

Add them at various points. I started at the bottom of the frame (upper right) and worked in a zigzag fashion until I reached the big one (above the frame).

Your layers should look like this:
Don’t worry that they overlap, because this is what is supposed to happen. Two of my penguins are below the frame and two above. We’ll straighten them out later.

Open the mittens, re-size by 15% and add to the left-hand side of the frame.

Open the snowflake, re-size by 15% and add above the mittens. Do it again by 10% and add to each side of the larger snowflake. Turn slightly to the position.

Add a new layer above the frame paper/mask layer. Using Eye Candy Snow Drift below from the Nature set.
Pull this up to the small penguin, duplicate, and then move this below the next penguin. Once your drop shadow, mirror and flip to your liking, remove the excess and merge these two layers together.

Duplicate the snow layer and bring to just below your third sled layer. Position him as if he has crested the hill.
The fourth penguin layer will have already crested the hill and is now touching the mask layer. Add your name above this layer now on a new layer.

Use a small eraser on 25% to remove the excess snow from over the frame.

Add any special touches. Crop/re-size and then add your name and copyright.

Open AS3. Add each layer in one after the other in the program. They will be four different layers for the four different sledders.

While on the first frame, edit > select all > Frame properties > 35 > ok.

Select the last frame, edit > frame properties > 80 > OK.

Apply the optimisation settings then upload to enjoy.

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