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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Crisp Leaves are Falling

Supplies Used

Sonia by Verymany (HERE)
“Crisp Autumn” by Melissa (HERE)
 “Kilowatts” (Name)
Small square mask of choice
Animation by Simone (HERE)
Animation Shop 3
Eye Candy Bevel

Let's Begin!

Create a canvas of 900 x 900; name and save.

Add element 17 to canvas and center.

Add element 18, center as before, then pull downward and to the right; send below the frame.

Duplicate the sequin layer; flip and mirror to position.

Add your choice of paper into the frame openings.

Add mask of choice with paper of choice. I used Gen’s mask 117.

Add element 9 under the sequin layer; duplicate, mirror and flip and well.

Add element 11 underneath the sequin layer and duplicate until desired look is achieved.

Add element 13 above the pine leaves layer. Duplicate and mirror to position.

Add element 21 above each of the last leaves layer.

Add element 22 above the last leaves layer then rotate by 90 degrees.

Add the tube to the frame openings however big or small you like.

Add the full body tube in whatever size you like.  It depends on how tightly you wish to crop your design for the white space surrounding the mask layer.

Add any special touches now (I added the mug) and Crop/re-size to needed dimensions.

Open AS3 and then open the animation.

Hide all the layers from the top to the frame paper layer. Add the rest in AS3 12 times.

Apply the animation twice—once on either side.

Copy one frame at a time back into PDN. Remember, the first frame is a new image and the rest are additional frame on the new image.

Save this under a new file name and then add your name and copyright.

Repeat by add it all back to AS3, apply optimization settings and then Upload to enjoy.

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