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Saturday, October 3, 2015

It's in the Blood

Supplies Used

Tube by Keith Garvey (HERE)
“True Blood” by TK Dezigns (HERE)
“Butter Kings” (Name)
Mask 109 by Vaybs (HERE)
Eye Candy Bevel

Let's Begin!

Open any red paper and apply the mask. Add a new layer, flood-fill white and send to the bottom; center mask once saved.

Open the frame 2, add to the middle of the canvas and then return to the mask layer and pull outward and upward to achieve desired effect.

Open any white blood splattered paper and add to the center of the frame.

Add the cross; position over the frame on the right hand side (upper).

Add the feather next; position over the cross layer as shown in the tag.

Open the bottles, re-size by 80% and add above the feather layer.

Add the blood bag over the bottle layer; position on the left hand side (lower).

Open the wine, re-size 80% by and rotate by 77.00.

Open any black flower and re-size by 75% and add below the wine bottle.

Open red flower of choice, re-size by 80% and add above the wine bottle.

Open the locket of choice, re-size by 75% and add above the wine bottle.

Open the needle, re-size by 80% and add above all layers.

Add blood splatters above the mask layer.

Add the tube of choice over the bottles layer.

Crop/re-size and then add your name and copyright. Upload to enjoy.

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  1. awesome tag !! ty for sharing the link with me so I could see it !! :D