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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Love is a Wonderful Thing

Supplies Used

Tube by Zindy Nielsen (HERE)
“Be Mine” by TK Dezigns (HERE)
 “Qaskin” (Name)
Template by Dee Mastrangelo (HERE)
Mask of choice
Animation Shop 3
Simone Animation 39 Fast Hearts
Eye Candy Bevel

Let's Begin!

Open the template and delete the credit layer, the small hearts layer and the scattered hearts layer.

Using the close up tube, add one each to the heart layers.

Then, Do the following with the template:

Merge the bottom brown strips together
Move white hearts near each other and merge
Move the two pink hearts near each other and merge
Merge the two close up tubes together

Use the Pink Angel tube between the two images and under all of the word art.

Use paper 4 for the lower brown strips. Use paper 7 for the yellow oval layer.

Use paper 5 for the golden circle and invert the dotted frame layer’s colour.

Use paper 1 on the 4th and 2nd brown strip layers. The remaining heart layer (under the sweet April tube) is with paper 2.

Add frame 3 under the dotted circle layer.

Open bow 1, re-size by 75% and add above the right hand heart/sweet April tube. Rotate to achieve position, duplicate, mirror to left, positon and merge the layers together.

I added hearts to the lower 3 strips with the heart boarder.

Open the winged heart, re-size by 75% and add under all word art.

Add the small hearts around the design.

Add any special touches now. If you wish to animate, continue. If not, stop here and add your name, and copyright then upload to enjoy.

Hide everything above the mask layer. Take careful note of where the middle strip falls on the mask layer. This is where you will add the animation first.

Add in AS3 and duplicate for 20 frames.

Open the animation:

Edit > select all > animation > resize > 70% > edit > select all > copy > go to duplicated frames > edit > select all > add into the frames.

Go to animation again and: edit > select all >animation > mirror > now copy, insert into the duplicate frames on the other side.

Copy each layer back into PDN. Save with a new filename. In the non-animated version, check the strips, glass hearts, white oval and paper oval. Copy merge and add above all the animated frames (save).

Add each frame back into AS3. Add the animation again, yet starting on the middle heart line (red) on each side. Don’t forget to mirror as you did the last time.

Add everything back into PDN one last time. Uncheck all layers used and check all layers not used. Add these above the frame layers and save.

Re-size, add your name and copyright information now.

Re-add, one frame at a time, back into AS3. Apply optimization settings and then upload to enjoy.

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