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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Blissful Winter Wishes

Supplies Used

Tube by Avroaart8 (HERE)
“Winter Angel” by Carrie (HERE)
Template by Chantal (HERE)
“Zhafira” (Name)
Mask 191 by Insatiable Dreams (HERE)
Eye Candy Bevel
Animation Shop 3

Let's Begin!

Open the template and delete credits.

Open the tube and set up to your liking (I’m using all blue).

Mirror, re-size by 55% and replace layer 10 with it. Use paper 11 to replace layer 10 after a 75% re-size. Then, change tube: effects > artistic effects > sepia > 33 (if not already there) > ok.

Add tube above all layers and re-size by 26%.

Replace layer 2 with a tube re-sized at 45%. Use paper 11 (no re-size) and replace layer 2. Change tube layer to luminance legacy and drop opacity to 75%.

Paper 21 (45%) for layer 6
paper 22 (45%) for layer 5
paper 12 (45%) for layer 4
paper 17 (45%) for layer 9
paper 10 (35%) for Layer 8

Do not delete layer 6. Instead, re-size by 97%, use a gradient glow on 10 (full slider). Add a 65% PSP noise then duplicate three times.

Layer 1: use Constellation settings below. Then hit random twice for each remaining layer.

Change layer 11 to this colour: ad7f3f. Then, do the same thing as directed above. However, simply start random where you left off. Do not restart from 100.

Use paper 7 for mask layer (re-size to 650 width) and work to resemble tag; re-size by 95% and re-positon.

Element 62 (35%) above paper 12 layer
Element 25 (mirror, 35%) below the sitting tube
Element 42 (40%) below sitting tube
Element 13 (mirror, 30%) below sitting tube
Element 68 (50%) below rabbit
Element 36 (50%) above mask layer (erase excess)
Element 22 (25%) below gold star

Use the small present from the tube, re-size by 40% and add above the star layer.

Add any special touches now. Crop/re-size and then add your name and copyright.

Open AS3, add each layer in order and then apply the optimization settings. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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