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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Blue Christmas Memories

Supplies Used

Tube by RJ (HERE)
“Winter Memory” by Carrie (HERE)
“Rest of Our Lives” (Name)
Animation Shop 3

Let's Begin!

Create a canvas 1200 x 1200.

Open frame 5, re-size by 65% and add to the top of the canvas. Duplicate frame, pull downward slightly, mirror and position. Duplicate this yet again and mirror.

Merge the two lower frame layers together and then send below the upper frame. Erase excess inside first frame. Merge the layers together.

Open paper 12 and apply the mask. Work it until it is similar to mine. Sharpen x2.

Add element (after a 75% re-size) to the right of the lower frame. Element 54 is added above bird’s back leg after a 45% re-size.

Add paper 19 to frame openings. Add Iggy to upper frame after an 85% re-size.

Add element 9 (after 45% re-size) at lower frames.

Add element 28 (after 45% re-size) below element 9.

Add element 76 (after a 55% re-size) below element 28. Duplicate and mirror to position right-hand side.

Add element 66 (after a 75% re-size) above element 76 (right hand side).

Add element 62 (after a 55% re-size, mirror) to the left of the rabbit in the box.

Add element 18 (after a 55% re-size, mirror) below element 62.

Add element 48 (after a 45% re-size) is added below element 18.

Add element 14 (after a 45% re-size) below element 28.

Add element 31 (after a 25% re-size) below element 9.

Add any special touches now. Crop or re-size and then add your name and copyright.  If you do not wish to animate, stop here and upload to enjoy.

Add three new layers above the frame paper layer and name them in order “snow 1, 2, and 3.”

Staring with “snow 1” layer, add the vanderlee settings below.
With snow layer 2, change random to 300.

With snow layer 3, change the random to 500.

Highlight the frame paper layer, use the magic wand to click the layer and then return to snow layer 3 and hit delete. This will remove all snow outside of the all inner frame openings.

Do the same thing above with the other two layers to remove excess snow. Save.

Re-size and add name and copyright now.

Add in AS3 from snow 1 to snow 3 layers, change frame properties to 15, apply optimization settings and then upload to enjoy.

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