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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Remember When

Supplies Used

Tube by Ismael Rac (HERE)
“Antebellum Eve” by ADS (HERE)
Mathilda Castleland (Name)
Eye Candy Bevel
MuRa Meister Copies
Mask of choice

Let's Begin!

Create a canvas 1200 x 1200. Open the postcard, re-size by 35% and add to the canvas; center align and save.

Use the rotation below to set the postcard in its’ proper location.
Open the frame, re-size by 30% and center align. Use the rotation below to set the frame properly.
Add your choice of paper to the center of the frame. I added a white background and then dropped the paper opacity to 230.

Open the tube, mirror and then upsize by 200%. Add to the opening of the frame.

Open the locket, re-size by 17% and add on the lower right hand corner. Add tube and paper again.

Erase tube/paper excess, DS tube and then merge the contents together. Do not merge with locket unless you DS it now.

Open the apple blossom, re-size by 35%, add under the locket and then use the rotation below to set.
Duplicate the blossom and erase all but the furthest branch. Mirror this and move above the locket layer.

Open the teacup. First re-size is 35% and then second re-size is 25%; position as shown in the tag.

Add the bottle above the frame layer with no re-size.

Open the key, re-size by 45% and add above the locket layer; position to slightly touch the larger cup.

Open the flower, re-size by 25% and add below the bottle layer.

Open the button, re-size by 25% and center align. Use the copies settings below. Position the middle button on the smaller cup. Duplicate and pull together to tighten the look.
Add your mask with your chosen paper. I used mask 191 by Insatiable Dreams.

Add any special touches now. Crop/re-size and then add your name and copyright. Upload to enjoy.

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