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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tranquil Autumn

Supplies Used

Tube by Zindy S D Nielsen (HERE)
Adika Autumn Gift Freebie (HERE)
“Angel Face” (Name)
Template by Dee (HERE)
Eye Candy Bevel

Let's Begin!

Open the template and delete the copyright and font layers; all circle layers and the word art layer.

Open paper 2, re-size by 25%, and change out layers: right orange strip and left red square.

Open paper 4, re-size by 25% and change out layers: left orange strip, right green strip (flip paper first), and the left yellow strip.

Open paper 1, re-size by 25% and change out layers: right red square, left green strip (with left paper corner), and the right yellow strip.

Open the frame, rotate counter-clockwise, re-size width by 675 and add to canvas; center align both. Use paper 1 after a 15% reduction for frame opening.

Drop the leaves overlay to 50% opacity.

Move the dotted leaves layer to right under the leaves recolour layer and use a dark DS to pull them out.

Open element 5, re-size by 15% and add.

Open element 7, mirror, re-size by and add below the flower.

Open element 4, re-size by 11% and add below the flower layer.

Open element 8, re-size by 10% and add above all layers. Slightly turn and sharpen before DS.

Open element 3, re-size by 10% and add above the owl.

Open element 7, re-size by 35% and then add above the frame layer. (Left hand corner) Rotate, erase excess and DS.

Add another layer under the last and rotate to point the leaves upward. Erase the excess, DS and then merge with the upper layer.

Add any special touches now. Crop/re-size and then add your name and copyright. Upload to enjoy.

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