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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ship N Shore

Supplies Used

“Little Traveler” by Kristin Aagard (HERE)
Font Desdemona (HERE)
Template 387 by Missy (HERE)
Mask 43 by Chrissy’s Chaos (HERE)
Eye Candy 5: Bevel

Let's Begin!

Open the template and image > canvas size > 759 x 576 > ok. Delete the first three layers.

Open the waves element, re-size to 760 widths and add above the rectangle. Remove excess outside of rectangle, duplicate and then bring this to the top.

Use paper 4, re-size to 600 widths and replace the rectangle layer.

Use paper 3, re-size to 600 widths to replace the black circle and both of the black picture frames backings.

Use paper 2, re-size to 600 to replace the thin rectangle.

Use paper 1, re-size to 600 to replace the pink circle, and both of the small pink circles.

Open paper 2, re-size by 50% and add to the frame opening.

Open your choice of tubes, re-size by 70% and add them to the frame openings. The female, however, needs to be mirrored before addition.

Open the boat, re-size by 12% and add above the waves.

Open anchor 2, re-size by 13% and then add above the boat layer.

Open your bow of choice, re-size by 13% and add above the anchor. Duplicate, move one below the anchor layer and then DS the upper layer. Remove the bow from the anchor opening.

Crop out a star and add in four different places in two different sizes.

I created my font and then used paper 2 to fill and added bevel.

Drop shadow everything to your liking. Add your own personal touches now.

Crop/resize to your liking then add your name with copyright. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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