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Monday, July 11, 2016

Ode to Spring

Supplies Used

Spring Tube by Arthur Crowe (HERE)
“DK Honey Dew” (NAME)
“Full of Life” by Bekah E Designs (HERE)
Template by Millie (HERE)
Vix Big Mask 17 (HERE)
Mura Meister Copies (HERE)
Pentadot (HERE)
Eye Candy 4000 Bevel

Let's Begin!

Open the template. Image > canvas size > width: 834 > ok. Flood-fill the background white, remove credit and word art, then and save.

Open paper 10, re-size by 23% and replace the circle layer (raster 3).

Open paper 3, re-size by 23% and replace the back square (raster 1).

Open paper 5, re-size by 23% and replace the rectangle (raster 2)

Use paper 4 to replace square (raster 4). I used 500 widths.

Invert colour on layer 5 (to white), outline 1/3 white; add a layer above, flood-fill white and replace raster 5.

Open the close up tube, give her a blue dress, re-size by 745 height and add above all layers.

Open close up 2, do not re-size, give her a blue dress and add her into the raster 4 layer. Use penatdot settings below and then use the PDN glow settings.
Open bed_fol_el15-bow4, re-size by 40% and place at the bottom of the tube layer evenly; erase excess tube.

Open bed_fol_el9-ivy, re-size by 30%, center align and remove the addition lines. Add a DS of 12-9-0-12-30 before using the Mura Meister settings below; below paper 10 layer.
Open bed_fol_el1-flr1b, re-size by 33% and center align. Rotate layer by -108.00, mirror and then add the drop shadow 9-12-0-9-35. Add the Mura Meister settings below and move to above the ivy layer.
Duplicate above flower layer twice for three layers. Rotate first layer by 68.92. Rotate second layer by -27.98. Rotate third layer by 20.07. Merge them all and move below the ivy layer.

Open bed_fol_el31_flr6, re-size 35% and center align; add Mura Meister settings below and DS.
Open bed_fol_el32_flr7, re-size by 17%, add the DS and place above the last flower layer, filling in holes.

Open bed_fol_el2-grass1, rotate clockwise, re-size by 17% and add below the ribbon layer. Duplicate, mirror and flip; rotate using the settings below and then merge the two layers before positioning again.
Open bed_fol_el10-flatribbon, re-size by 25% and add below the ribbon layer; erase the right hand side. Use the rotation settings below to set and erase any excess above the bow.

Duplicate the flat ribbon layer, mirror, flip and position it longer than the left side; merge the two together.

Open bed_fol_el14-flatribbon2, re-size by 27% and add below the last flat ribbon layer. Erase the right side; duplicate, mirror and merge the layers together.

Open bed_fol_el4-leaves, re-size by 17% and add below all ribbon layers; position on left hand side. Duplicate, mirror and flip then position small leaf near bow; erase any excess on opposite side of bow loop.

Add three small flowers (of your choice) above the leaf layers above.

Open bed_fol_el17-string-1, re-size by 35% and then place above tube layer; mirror and flip to position.

Crop/resize to your liking then add your name with copyright, Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.


  1. I love your tag. Tried to duplicate it as best I could. I don't know what pdn is so couldn't use your glow or your rotate/zoom setting and had to just fake it. The mask you said you used was 10 but it was actually 17. I think mine still came out ok but it did take longer since I didn't have those things and had to find something else instead.

    1. I'm not sure what program you use, but PSP calls their rotate/zoom free rotate (found under image > rotate). Paint.net (or PDN) glow can be achieved in PSP via changing the blend mode on your image to hard or soft light. Paint.net has glow as an obtainable plugin through their website.

      However, thank you for the correction to the mask number. I will change that forthwith.

      I'd love to see what your outcome was. I'll even post it if you like. I want to see how others interpret my thoughts.