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Friday, November 25, 2016

In a Snowy Glen

Supplies Used

Snow Elf by VeryMany (HERE)
“Beyond Script” (NAME)
“Winter Queen” by Sonia (HERE)
Mask 06 by Vaybs (HERE)
Template by Dee (HERE)
Eye Candy 5: Bevel
Penta Jeans
Animations by Simone (HERE)
Animation Shop 3

Let's Begin!

Open template: Image > Canvas Size > 900x900> uncheck aspect ratio > ok; Flood-fill background white.

Delete credits, brown circle (raster 9) and frame ribbon layers.

Open paper 2, re-size to 440 x 400 and replace the white circle under the frame layer in the template.

Open paper 3, add above dark green rectangle and replace.

Open paper 2, mirror, and replace the brown circle layer.

Using 375168, add a layer over the light green shape and replace; add normal penta jeans.

Using A7ACCE, add a layer over the candy cane frame and replace; apply a bevel of 15/50/15.

Replace the white square with paper 6 in the style you want. I worked mine to make it dark in one corner and lighter in the other.

Open standing tube, re-size by 698 height and add above all layers.

Using 9C795D, make a new canvas, flood-fill and add your mask. Add to the canvas and center align when complete.

Add element 12 over all layers and element 17 under the element 12 layer.

Open element 182, re-size by 45% and add over element 17.

Add element 163; remove brackets and free rotate by -4 and position.

Open element 160, re-size by 45% and add above the tube layer; position.

Add a PDN noise of 80 to the mask layer.

Drop shadow everything to your liking. I have used 6 different settings for mine, depending on the element. Add your own personal touches now and then crop/resize to your liking.


Open Animation 167; re-size to 350 widths. Go to your design and hide everything from the top to the glass effect layer. Copy merge and add to AS3 for 30 slides.

In the AS3 design: edit > select all > edit > paste > into frame > position the small dark flake near here the frame would fall.

Add EACH frame back into PDN ONE AT A TIME (and take your time). Do so as a new image and then add each layer after the first frame as a new layer in the new image. Save often.

Go to the static design in PDN: hide all from the frame paper down to the white background (hide name, if you created one, but keep the copyright, if you added one). Copy merge and add over all of the animated design. Save again.

Add each frame back into AS3. Apply the optimization settings and save; upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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