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Monday, March 27, 2017

A Mermaid's Dream

♥ Supplies Used ♥

Cherry by Cano (HERE)
Barefoot by Dee Mastrangelo (HERE)
“Dragonfly” (Name)
Mask by BeckyP (HERE)
Eye Candy Bevel
Animation Shop 3

♥ Lets’ Begin! ♥

Create a canvas 1100 x 1100 and save.

Open mask and re-size to 750x750 then apply to paper 8.

Upsize the newly created mask to rotate 90 degrees and then add to the white background; work it until you get desired look, duplicate and merge together.

Add frame 4 and center align; rotate 90 degrees and center-align again.

Add frame 7 over frame 4 and then add paper 6 to the frame 7 opening.

Add spray 3 above paper 6 and delete the excess.

Add element 26a to the right-hand side of the design, aligning it with the corner.

Add element 27 near element 26a.

Open element 47, resize by 65% and add above element 27.

Add element 46 to the lower right-hand corner. Add element 20 near element 46.

Open element 52, resize by 75% and add above all layers.

Open element 60a, resize by 65% and add below element 27.

Add element 57 below all layers but above mask layer. Duplicate for the four corners but do not merge.

Use an eraser at 75% and a hardness of 22%; blend the leaves slightly on each layer. On the lower layers, erase the leaves that are sticking out at the bottom.

Add element 18 between the space in the top of element 57. Add element 58b behind element 18.

Add any special touches, drop shadows all layers and then crop as close as you can to the design.

Crop your design as close as you can to the drop shadow you’ve placed on your layers or close to your mask.

Resize the design to the size you need. (Mine is 600x520, but you may want yours slightly smaller.)

♥ Lets’ Animate! ♥

Add JUST the paper layer from your design into AS3 and ONLY once.

Click on Effects > Insert Image Effects >drop down menu > Underwater effects.
Go to customize settings under Underwater effects and use what is shown below. This is wave one.
From the wave drop-down menu, choose the next wave in line and add the wave 2 settings below.
Wave 2: X 0, Y 33
Wave 3: X 10, Y 43
Wave 4: X 35, Y 32
Wave 5: X 18, Y 47
Wave 6: X 21, Y 15
Wave 7: X 52, Y 24
Wave 8: X 36, Y 0
Wave 9: X 12, Y -49
Wave 10: X -19, Y -26
Wave 11: X -48, Y -3
Wave 12: X-29, Y 17

Paste each of these newly created frames, IN ORDER, back into your design.

Once labeled with the wave number layer (1-8), use your magic wand to click on paper 6 layer, go to wave 1 layer and then hit delete. This will rid wave 8 layer of all white background, using the original as a template.

Repeat the same deleting technique above for all wave layers. Unhide all of the designs original layers IF you had to hide them to grab your paper.

Crop/resize, add your name and then add your copyright. 

Add the design back in AS3 as you did before, but follow the order you place it in. If you start from 8, make sure you add the newer frame BEFORE frame 8. This ensures that the waves go in the right direction.

Edit > Select all > Animation > Frame Properties > 18 > OK.

Add your optimization settings and then upload to enjoy.

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