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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Beauty in Blue

♥ Supplies Used ♥

Moon Angel by Zindy (HERE)
Summer Lovin' by LadyHawwk Designs (HERE)
“Snowboarding Only” (Name)
Mask by BeckyP (HERE)
Animation 1 & 3 by Rieka Rafita (HERE)
Eye Candy Bevel
Animation Shop 3

♥ Let's Begin! ♥

Create a canvas 950 x 950 and save.

Add Ladyhawwk Frame 1 and center align; use Staci paper 6 for the frame openings.

Use Myth paper 3; apply mask and add to the canvas (center align). Pull the left upper hand slightly out fill out the background.

Open the tube, upsize by 125%, sharpen 2x and then add above all design layers; position on the frame.

Add Ladyhawwk element 18 in the upper right hand corner (under all layers except the mask), duplicate and then position in the lower left hand corner.

Add Myth element 12; add to the lower right hand and then position in the upper left hand.

Open Ladyhawwk element 1, mirror, resize by 75% band add under the upper frame opening. Duplicate and move above the frame layer; drop shadow and erase excess on upper layer.

Add Staci element 8, adding under the sequin layer, and add in the opposite corners.

Open Ladyhawwk element 8, resize by 75% and add in the lower left hand frame opening.

Add any special touches and drop shadows now.

Sharpen all layers 2x. Add 18 layers into AS3 after hiding the layers above the frame paper.

Open animation 4, resize by 65% and add in each of the frame “openings” on the paper.

Add these 18 frames ONE AT A TIME back into PDN and add the final layers over the animated version.
If you wish to add the second animation, place each frame back into AS3 ONE AT A TIME and in order! Make sure you hide each layer as you put it back into PDN or it will not work correctly.

Open animation 1, resize by 45% and then add into the design. Where you place the animation is up to you.

Add each frame back into PDN yet again ONE AT A TIME, in order, and then save again.

Crop/re-size and then add your name and copyright.  Add the design back in AS3 as you did before, add your optimization settings and then upload to enjoy.

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