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Monday, July 10, 2017

Sweet Candy Swirls

♥ Supplies Used ♥

Candy by Alex Prihodko (HERE)
Sweet Treats by Thia (HERE)
“A Truer Blue” (HERE)
Eye Candy 4000: HSB Noise
DSB: Bubbles
Xenofex 2: Constellation
AAA Frames Foto Frame

♥ Let's Begin! ♥

Create a canvas 650 x 250 and save. The avatar is 150 x 200.

Add paper 8 in both avatar and banner. Do not resize, but use the lower left-hand corner to position.

Open the tube and resize by 60%; position as shown.

Use the Eye Candy 4000 HSB Noise, as shown below, on both banner and avatar.
On the same layers, use the DSB bubbles settings below. Duplicate both layers for three in the banner and avatar.
Open element 56, resize by 30% and add behind the tube.

Open element 34, resize by 40% and add to the other side of the tube.

Open element 71, resize by 35% and add above element 56.

Open element 23 but do not resize; add to the right-hand side.

Add your drop shadows now.

Go back to the bubble layers we created and add this Xenofex 2 Constellation setting to the first layer of both banner and avatar. Use random seeds 532 and 9734.
Let’s go to the avatar. Edit > Select all > Copy Merged > Paste into a new image.

Add the foto frame settings below and then add this to AS3 as your first frame.
Repeat the same steps for the rest of the avatar and then the banner.

With both the banner and avatar in AS3, you can add them back into PSD to save as a GIF image. This saves them for future use so you do not have to re-animate them and for copyright additions.

Once you add your name and copyright, add back to AS3 in order and then edit > select all > frame properties > 20. Add your optimization settings and save; upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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