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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Memorial Beaches

♥ Supplies Used ♥

Beachy Stars and Stripes by Carrie (HERE)
Sea Worthy by Barbara Jensen (HERE)
“Painted Paradise” (HERE)
Mask 111 by Vaybs (HERE)

♥ Let's Begin! ♥

Open paper 2, resize to 800 x 800 and apply the mask.

Add a layer above the mask layer; flood-fill white and send to the bottom then save.

Open the tube, resize by 95% and add to the canvas.

Open element 99 (sand) and resize by 60%. Add one above the tube layer and one below the mask layer to get the desired look; drop opacity on both to 180.

Open element 101 (water splash) and resize by 40%; add above the tube layer, lightly drop shadow and then drop the opacity to 200.

Open element 72, resize by 40% and add above the top sand layer; erase the bigger starfish. Open element 69 (shell cluster), resize by 25% and add under layer 72.

Open element 31 (bag) and resize by 30%; add behind layer 72.

Open element 20, resize by 35% and add above layer 31.

Open element 152 (tall grass), resize by 40% and add above the mask layer. Add another bit of grass near the picnic basket at a 25% resize.

Open element 14, resize by 25%, mirror and place to the left of the tube. I lightened him with a glow of 1/2/3.

Open element 123, erase the stem as close as you can to the bud, resize by 35% and add below the picnic basket layer.

Open element 35, resize by 25% and add below the bird layer. Drop shadow and blend into the sand.

Add element 98 in two places after a 25% resize; element 137 after a 25% resize, and then add element 2 after a 25% resize and a slight turn to the right.

Add any special touches and drop shadows now. Rearrange, crop or resize and then add your name and copyright and upload to enjoy.

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