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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Treasures in the Sand

♥ Supplies Used ♥

Mermaid Cove by Thia (HERE)
Penelope by Misticheskaya (HERE)
“Stardust Adventure” (HERE)
Mask by BeckyP (HERE)

♥ Let's Begin! ♥

Create a canvas 900 x 900. Add a new layer and then go to tools > shapes > ellipse > draw filled shape >brush width 5 and draw out a circle; center align.

Add paper 9 to the canvas and replace the circle.

Open element 21 (leaves), resize by 60% and add to the canvas. Turn slightly to even up with the edge of the circle and then center align. Apply a normal Mura Meister copies setting in encircle.

Open element 5 (orange flower), mirror, resize by 40% and add to the left and right of the leaves. Merge these two together, duplicate and then flip to bottom.

Open element 9 (blue flowers) and add above the leaves layer; position for desired look.

Open the tube and create the desired look. Resize by 60%, add to the canvas and then center align.

Add element 69 (sand), on either side of the tube above the white background; merge layers. Erase the leaves and flower layers to the right of the tube.

Add element 64 (lighthouse) to the right of the tube (after you mirror) and then slightly blur into the sand.

Open element 13 (gravel leaves), resize by 55% and add behind the lighthouse.

Open element 63, resize by 75% and add to the left of the tube layer; blur into the sand layer.

Open element 95 (boat), resize by 65% and add under the grass near the lighthouse.

Open element 19 (cattails grass), resize by 45% and add below the sandcastle.

Open element 45 (seashell), resize by 20% and add above sandcastle; drop shadow and blend into sand.

Add frame 6 over the circle layer and manipulate by pulling to fit in over the circle.

Add any special touches and drop shadows now. Rearrange, crop or resize and then add your name and copyright and upload to enjoy.

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