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Friday, August 11, 2017

How I Wonder

Supplies Used

Clip Art by Trina Walker (HERE)
“Chais Hand” (NAME)
Eye Candy 4000 Bevel Boss

Let's Begin!

Create a canvas 1000 x 1000. We can always crop and resize later.

Open your tube of choice. I’m using a tube by Trina Walker. Grab two different colours from your tube so that your colour wheel box looks like this.
Go to tools and then scan down until you see shapes. Then select the rectangle tool from the box. Next, choose draw shape outline and set the brush width to 7.
Add a layer over the existing canvas and then, starting in the upper left-hand corner, slowly draw out a circle with your chosen colour (mine is red); center align.

Continue the same process for two more layers, centering them inside each other.   
On the first square, go to effects and select your .8bf filter option. Select Eye Candy 4000 and hit run filter. Use the settings below to set the bevel and then ok.

To repeat this filter on the smaller red square, simply click on this later and do the following:
Go through the same process with the blue square layer. Just change out the colour of the highlight.

Add a new layer over each of the inner squares with your desired colour. I used the same colours as my squares.

Then, use your magic wand inside the square (first one) and:
Highlight the coloured layer in your layers box and hit delete. Now, only what is inside the box remains. Move below your square layer.

Repeat for the next biggest box.

In the inner (smallest) box, add your tube in close up form and follow the same procedure as the coloured layer.

You have now completed your boxes with colour and tube. Drop shadow each square layer with a wide light shadow. This will show the difference between the inside and outside of the boxes.

Time for more plugins!

On the tube layer, go to effects > .8bF filter > Xero > Fritillary > and add the settings below.
On the red layer, go to effects > .8bF filter > Penta > VRT 2012 > with the settings below.
On the blue layer, follow the same procedure about but use the jeans settings below.
Add the full sized tube to whichever side you like. Drop shadow with a wide, but slightly darker, shadow.

To keep static: crop/resize to your liking then add your name with copyright.

To animate: add a layer over the red coloured layer. Go to effects > .8bF filter > Vanderlee > Snowflakes > and use the settings below.
Add two more layers above the first, change the random setting by clicking on the sliding bar, for each new layer.

Add a drop shadow to the layers or not. This is up to you.

Make sure you use the magic wand, click outside the red layer and then highlight each snow layer in the layers box to delete the excess.

Add into AS3, in order. Edit > Select All > Copy Merged > and then add to AS3.

Hide the first snow layer and unhide the next. Edit > Copy Merged > and add after the last frame in AS3. Do the same for the last one.

While in AS3, do the following:

Right click on the first frame and find this box. Highlight what is shown.
Change this box to 25
Right click again on the first frame for this and test your animation.
Apply your optimization settings. Upload to a photo sharing site to enjoy.

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