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Thursday, February 9, 2012

HOW TO: Create a Background Out of a Solid Colour

Here are a few tips and tricks to change a solid background into a background and how to use elements to make a beautiful graphic art from it!

Open your program and create a new canvas of your chosen size.

Next, choose a colour from your colour wheel as your chosen background colour. I'm using dark blue.
From your tools menu, pick your paint bucket and left click once on your canvas to flood fill it.
Let's add a little pizzazz by adding a gradient. Go to Effects > Gradient to add some gradient.
Now this is what my canvas looks like:
How about some frosted glass? It'll add some zing to this plain file. Go to Effects > Distort > Frosted Glass.
The box below will pop up with these settings. Change the settings if you wish.
I set mine to these settings:
And now my canvas looks like this:
I want to add some depth. So, I'll add the weave effect. Go to Effects > Render > Weave.
The box below will pop up. Play with the settings until it's to your liking.
This is what my canvas looks like now:
I want to use this background to make a snaggable. So, I want to add a new layer in my layers box and create a border for it.
Now, I'll go to Effects > Render > Border to create my border.
Now my canvas looks like this:
To set my border off, I want to outline it with a contrasting colour. Go to Effects > Object > Outline Object. This box pops up. Change the settings to your liking. These are mine:
This is what my layers box looks like now.
Add your elements, text, drop shadows and you've got a snaggable. Once I completed all of mine, this is what I got.

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