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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

HOW TO: Rotate Images Or Text

Rotating images or text can be very easy. Only ONE pointer: if, when rotating your image or text, it becomes blurry (as it sometimes does), sharpening your image will help clear it up.

♥ Let's begin! ♥

Open your program. Normally, it pops up with a blank, white canvas. This is fine for my tutorial.
Add the element of choice and rid yourself of the addition frames. Edit > Deselect.
While making sure my turtle layer is highlighted in my layers box, I'll go to the upper toolbar, locate layers and do the following:
When the box pops up, you'll see lots of bells and whistles. Each one has a function and I will go over a few here.

"Pan" BUTTON: What the Pan button does is move your image on your canvas to whatever location the cursor is moved. The sliders with the Pan option will move the element up or down on the canvas.

"Roll/Rotate" BAR: Roll/Rotate moves your image in a circular motion around the canvas. When I used the second slider, it moves it it different  "in and out" type movements. However, the third slider turns the image around
"TILING" Option: Does exactly what is says it does; it tiles like Mura Meister's Copies plugin. I had to move the "zoom" option out a bit so that you could see how it tiles your image.
"Zoom" OPTION: this is a great option if you need more than one, need the image larger, or need the image smaller. I used it above to highlight the tiling option for better viewing without having to create a larger canvas.
These options can be used for images or text when designing.

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