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Friday, December 6, 2013

Hat & Scarf Weather

Supplies Used

“Christmas Kisses 2009”by Sheila Craig, here.
Wiegel Latein (FTU), here.
"Hat & Scarf Weather" (FTU) by Rebecca PSP, here.
Moonbeams & Spiderwebs mask 19, here.
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow
Animation Shop 3

Let's Begin!

Open a new canvas 750x750. I like room when I use scrapbooking kits for tagging designs.

Open paper 13, re-size by 45%, apply your mask, add to canvas and re-size again by 60%.

Open frame 3 and rotate 90 counterclockwise. Flip then mirror. Re-size frame by 26% and add to your canvas. Free rotate by 9 degrees to the left once added.

Add a wide, light drop shadow to your frame.

Open your tube and re-size by 75%. Grab your magic wand and click inside of frame. Selections > Modify by 8 > Add your tube and position to your liking > Invert > hit delete > select none. Move tube below frame.

Add a tight, medium drop shadow to your tube.

Open paper 17, re-size by 19% and use the same method as you did above for the tube. Move to below tube once completed.

Open branch 3 and re-size by 19%, add to left side of frame and free rotate by 19 degrees to the right.

Add a tight, medium drop shadow to your branch.

Open Branch 2, re-size by 45%, free rotate by 7 degrees to the left and add behind your frame paper.

Using your deform tool, pull the right bottom corner out until it’s pulled slightly out of shape. Simply click your Pan tool to complete the process.

Erase most of the bottom of the branch and center as shown above. Add a tight, dark drop shadow to your branch.

Duplicate branch and free rotate by 77 degrees to the left. Move to below your frame and merge with the other branch layer.

Open Leaves and re-size by 19%. Free rotate by 200 degrees to the left. Move to the bottom left hand side of the frame and add a wide, medium drop shadow. Erase the tip form the leaf bunch.

Open the pine cone 1 and re-size by 11%, add below leaf layer, and free rotate by 42 degrees to the right. Add your drop shadow.

Open Bark Book 1 and re-size by 10%. Add to above your leaf bunch and add wide, light drop shadow.

Open hat 2, re-size by 20%, add a wide, light drop shadow and move to the bottom of your bark book.

Open Bird 2, mirror, re-size by 20% and position on the pom-pom. Add a wide, light drop shadow.

Open mittens 1, re-size by 10%, add above your book layer and add a wide, light drop shadow.

Crop your graphic. I try to get as close as I can to the mask without cutting any off.

Add your name, gradient glow, and drop shadow.

Re-size to your liking and add your copyright.
Let's Animate!

Open Animation Shop in preparation for your animation.

Back in PSP, find your frame paper layer and Select All > Float > Defloat > add 3 new layers. Do NOT Select None just yet. Rename each layer by the number your added them (1, 2, 3).

Open Vanderlee Snowflakes and add the following settings on frame 1.
On the next two layers, move up the random seed number by 25. (Layer 1= 25; Layer 2=50; Layer 3=75) Now, Select none to complete the layers.

Once you’ve added your snowflakes, hide the top two snowflake layers. Go to the top of your graphic design and highlight the TOP layer. This ensures your at the foremost of all the layers.

Copy the design merged and add as a new animation to Animation Shop. Keep adding all of the layers, one behind the other, in Animation shop so your animation is in order.

On your first frame, select all and apply your optimization settings.

Right click on your first frame to get the following Frame Properties box. Once there, change the settings to 50.

If you want to know if this is done correctly, right click again to get "View Animation". It will show you the slowed down version  of snow!

Upload to Photobucket and enjoy!

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